Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

In-flight exercise: Your next flight abroad could include a gym

Long haul flights can take a toll on the body and mind of a passenger. It’s difficult to move and stretch due to the compact cabin. An Airbus project called Transpose is challenging this issue. Transpose is displaying a prototype module at the San Jose airport; featuring a “flying gym”, spas, napping pods, and gaming centers.

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NASCAR and Lixar Kick Off NCRIoT

According to NCRIoT, a North Carolina IoT community of thinkers, technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, companies, and universities; the Internet of Things is transforming every market, from healthcare to entertainment to smart cities, finance, logistics, and transportation.

Tom Snyder, Executive Director, and Larry Steffann are NCRIoT’s founders who guide the growth, mentorship and strategic direction of the organization. They understand that IoT is the connective fuel for the future. “There is significant traction in the Industrial Internet of Things,” said Larry Steffan.

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Six Data Takeaways from the Aviation Festival Americas

The best parts about attending a conference are meeting new people and learning about something new. Both were in abundance this year at the Aviation Festival Americas in Miami (May 9-10th, 2017).

The underlying theme present in all conversations was data. How to collect data, how to store data, and most importantly, what to do with that data? This theme was present in almost every track — marketing, passenger experience, airline IT, strategy, and the keynotes. How can marketers gain an edge by leveraging customer data and building a 360-degree view? What insights can be gleaned and actioned to improve the passenger experience? How can data and biometrics improve safety? How can data collected in airports improve the experience and margins realized by airlines? These were some of the questions I heard being asked time and time again.

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