Innovate and Inspire | Learning brings us together

Learning has a way of bringing people together.

We all have a relationship that formed over epic study sessions, a class that we loved (or didn’t), or a moment we shared when we discovered what was possible with a new piece of technology. Those moments crystalize relationships and ideas and bring people together and Lixar’s Data Workshop in Halifax was no different.

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Tech used for good

Top 5 Friday Feel Good Stories

Every Friday I search through the web looking for impressive, cool, Friday feel good stories which show how technology is being used for good.

Here’s today’s top 5:

German Auto Industry will be done with Fossil-Fuel vehicles by 2030
Germany has announced that all new cars by 2030 have to be emission-free. Other countries such as India, Netherlands, and Norway have created similar proposals, but this is a bold statement from Germany. Germany’s largest industry is auto thanks to auto giants such as Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.

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