Lixar HPX

Making a Music Stage Smart

Imagine if a music stage became smart?  What songs would it sing?

Juniper research suggests that over 38 billion objects will be connected by 2020.  Today, in 2016, intelligence can be added to inanimate objects.  Yes, it is true.  We are living in an age where simple structures, even those made of wood, can be brought to life.

During Halifax Pop Explosion, Lixar teams will be bringing music stages to life through mobile, data science, IoT, and cloud technology.

How?  Through #GoodVibrations at #HPX2016!  Actual seismographic data will be collected.

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Chat Bot-Aggregator Bot

Rise of the bot apps! Which one will you use?

The timing is perfect:

  • NLP (Natural Language Process) is now maturing.
  • The major players (Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft) have built their products like a platform.
  • Developers now have access to a lot of artificial intelligence and algorithm services.

So what has happened?

Say goodbye to the 1-800 lines, the support websites and new apps that install just one feature. In few months, you will stick with your favourite communication platform app such as Twitter, SMS, Facebook messenger, Skype, Slack, etc.

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