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Innovation is happening at GM with innovative partners

Speech:  Steve Carlisle speaks to Canadian Club of Toronto


October 21, 2015 – was an important date.

In the 1989 movie “Back to Future 2”, Canadian actor Michael J Fox travelled back and forth in time with the benefit of knowing where technology would take the world.

Much of what the film forecast was remarkably on point.

While we don’t have flying cars yet, we now have hover boards and flying drones.

And we are now turning waste into energy.

The lesson here is, we should never underestimate the pace of change and the possibilities that can be realized through imagination and ingenuity.

There are so many things we could talk about today given the pressures and opportunities facing the auto sector but, I’d like to focus on what I think is the single most important challenge andopportunity for our industry: and that is innovation and the future of mobility.

In fact here in Canada its time to get back to thinking about the future of the automotive industry.

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Mobile Travel at Airport

Lixar’s attending a #Virtual #IoT Conference

IoT Slam is happening today!

A couple of weeks ago, sitting at Gate 22 sipping on my overpriced, watered down airport coffee I logged into my airline rewards website.  Looks like I just hit my gold status. Taking a look around waiting to board my flight to my next conference destination, it’s clear that my gold tier doesn’t mean much, it seems everyone has a gold tag on their carry-ons.  I seemed to recognize most of the faces around me, bags in hand, ready to head to the next conference somewhere.

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future transport

Data Predicts Future Transportation

Lixar wanted to know ‘What does the car of 2020 look like?’ so it set its team of data scientists to find the answers.

November 19, 2015, Ottawa, For Immediate Release:

Lixar wanted to know ‘What does the car of 2020 look like?’ so it set its team of data scientists to find the answers.

Imagine it’s 2020, and you’re picking up a brand new car straight off the lot. You’ve done all of your research, taken the test drives, and inhaled that new car smell.

Now stop; what did this future car look like to you? For most people, dreaming of the future is just a fun way to pass the time, but at Lixar – knowing what tomorrow looks like is a number one priority.

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