Self-Driving Car

Autonomous Cars In Society Today

Over eighty-five percent of automobile collisions are due to human error. Not the weather, not the road conditions; human error. This is what makes the vision of Tesla’s autonomous car so noble. The truly amazing thing is how quickly it’s changing from a vision to reality. Between October 18th and 21st, over a remarkable 57 hours and 48 minutes, professional rally car driver Alex Roy drove between Redondo Beach, California to the Red Ball Garage in New York. The astounding part of the drive is that ninety-six point one percent of it was done on autopilot. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean we currently have fully autonomous cars nor does it mean that people driving a car with this feature should give any less attention or responsibility to their driving. However, cars with a full autopilot mode that can navigate the roads are something we may see in the future, especially if you ask CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. This innovative aspiration is something that would change the way tech companies allocate their services, the way we travel and create a massive paradigm shift in all our lifestyles.

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