Reduce Cloud Data Costs and Improve System Performance in Azure

When searching for performance gains in database-based applications, looking for ways to improve data access is often one of the first steps. When using SQL databases, common performance killers are missing indexes, out of date statistics, I/O bottlenecks, and inefficient query plans.  When the tuning exercise fails to deliver the necessary performance improvements a common remedy is to employ typical database scaling methods, such as scaling up and scaling out.

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Celebrating Team Kuujjuuaq at the CSM

This year’s 50th Anniversary celebration of the Canadian Ski Marathon was very special for everyone who participated or has supported this Coureur des Bois (CdB)/Carrier of  Wood cross-country ski journey throughout its history.

Each year, some 2000+ skiers make their way to this unique trail to ski and celebrate healthy living and winter sport in Canada.  The trail showcases a natural bounty filled with postcard moments containing images of the Canadian shield and untouched Quebec countryside.

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A world of opportunities | Technology | Lixar | Emigration Expo | Netherlands | Feb 13/14

Lixar attending Emigration Expo Netherlands | Tech Candidates welcome

Lixar will be attending Emigration Expo on Saturday Feb 13 and 14 in Houten (near Utrecht), Netherlands.

“This is an exciting expo.” said Laura Rodgers, Lixar HR – Recruitment Specialist. “Over 150 exhibitors and more than 11,000 visitors will attend this 2 day event.  We are very interested in meeting candidates who are seriously looking at innovative tech opportunities in Canada.”

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