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Using Data visualization dashboards, you will begin to see the power of cloud technology.  Raw and hard to understand data will be converted into easily read reports and real-time results.  Using industry leading visualization platforms like Power BI and Lixar Visualize TM, Lixar goes far beyond traditional dashboard views to give you the insight you need to make better business decisions.

Lixar offers four cloud technology solutions






Virtualize your on-site infrastructure.
First introduction to the cloud

  • Deploy your app to the cloud
  • Move to a virtual machine, servers and services to Azure
  • Benefit from discount pricing, a robust data centre, scalability, increased redundancy and reduced risk.




Extend your current capabilities with an Azure cloud tool kit.(Optimize)

  • Auto-scale your application
  • Extend and Enhance Network Capabilities with Azure Load Balancer & Azure Traffic Manager
  • Discover the best cloud solution for your business environment, ie.. hybrid cloud
  • Ability to evaluate your application’s performance







Use the cloud to build business robustness and infinite scalability.

  • Design and deploy for the Cloud
  • Zero-downtime deployments
  • High availability, scalability and disaster recovery
  • Documentation
  • Formal recommendations
  • Application Lifetime management support




Building enterprise-level cloud solutions.
From start to finish,

  • Custom Development Services
  • Build and Integrate
  • Product Development Expertise
  • Solution Support




90 Minute Complimentary Cloud Session
Join a complimentary 90 minute CLOUD session with Lixar cloud technology experts to see how moving your data to the cloud can impact your business.

Data visualization tools will show you how Lift and Shift, Augment and Enhance, Architect & Accelerate, and Cloud Customization can transform your business.

Your Cost: $0 | Our Cost: $2500

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Lixar is a Microsoft Development Partner

Gold Cloud Platform Azure | Gold Application Development | Impact Award Winner in SMB Cloud Platform Innovation 2016

Lixar has over 5 + years in Azure & . Net.  Lixar is a top tier industry leading azure SMB consumer in Canada.


57% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure.

Azure is open and flexible and supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.  Azure also easily integrates with existing IT environments through secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, reducing costs and complexity.  Azure runs a worldwide network of managed data centres, and has a large North American presence.  Azure can also scale up and down to match demand – so the user only pays for what is uses – a sound balance between price and performance.



Microsoft Cloud Services

Cloud (Microsoft Azure) Development

From small to enterprise-scale development projects, Lixar has you covered. Through dynamic partnerships with Microsoft and other Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers, Lixar can help you meet your business needs by offering a diverse range of cloud-based solutions. Lixar has proven success in developing dynamic, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications that handle large volumes of traffic and customer data by leveraging service bus messaging, table storage, cache components, stream processing engines, and data queues.

Over half of all Fortune 500 companies have already reaped the benefits of developing their solutions through Microsoft Azure.  Solutions developed by Lixar through Microsoft Azure:

  • Support the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices.
  • Integrate easily with your existing IT environment
  • Scale to meet the size of your solution–you only pay for what you use.
  • Foster ‘anywhere’ collaboration by increasing multiple device and office connectivity.
  • Offer insights through real-time analytics and machine learning.
  • Boost the speed of information collection which allows you to quickly shift business direction.
  • Secure your data and mitigate risk through private and hybrid data storage and encryption.

Lixar’s experience with cloud vendors such as Windows Azure, and other Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers has allowed for a diverse range of cloud based solutions for our customers. By leveraging Service Bus messaging, Table Storage, Compute, Cache components, Stream processing engines and Data queues, Lixar has been able to develop dynamic, scalable, fault tolerant applications to handle large volumes of traffic and customer data.


Want to learn more about Cloud?

Join Lixar on Oct 19!  We’re having a meetup in Ottawa.  RSVP today!

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realtime analytics

Increased insight through realtime analytics and machine learning

device connective-ness

Increased multiple device connective-ness and work from anywhere collaboration

Increased back-office reporting, & front-office connectivity

Increased customer mobile engagement

Increased customer mobile engagement

shift business direction

Ability to shift business direction due to increased information collection speed

be flexible

Ability to scale, be flexible, and manage large data volumes

Cloud storage

Decreased capital cost through On Demand Cloud storage

Increased security

Increased security and mitigated risk through private and hybrid cloud storage and encryption