Data Science


The Challenge

Data overload. The sheer volume and increased level of complexity is overwhelming to many organizations. The true challenge is harnessing the data’s full potential to drive competitive advantage.  

The Solution

Data Science sounds complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Lixar’s established data practice is made up of 30 highly specialized staff who can help guide you through your data transformation. Demand forecasting is our specialty as we analyze your data to uncover insights that will help you increase your revenue, identify operational efficiencies, adapt to changing market conditions, and discover a more holistic view of your customer.

We seek to uncover value that is unseen by using complex algorithms and machine learning to study your data, and then simplify the insights through data visualisation. Our model of engagement is centred around three packaged services – Lixar Predict ™, Lixar Optimize ™, and Lixar Visualize ™.  

Lixar Predict ™

Focuses on sales & marketing functions, revenue forecasting, & tools to simulate the market impact of a particular action. Identify new clients, increase participation of existing clients, reduce client churn, & optimize pricing to increase revenue are all examples of how predictive analytics can foster better decisions.

Lixar Optimize ™

Focuses on a 360 degree view of your operations to identify cost savings or new revenue opportunities. Forecast production, better understand staffing requirements, improve project performance & efficiency are a few examples of the insight your data can unlock for you.

Lixar Visualize ™

Converts your data (which can be hard to understand in its raw form) into easily understood reports using industry leading visualization platform, Power BI. Lixar Visualize TM goes far beyond a traditional dashboard to provide detailed, realtime insight, so that you can make better decisions.

90 Minute Complimentary Cloud Session

Join a complimentary 90 minute Data Session with Lixar Data Science experts to see how Data Visualization and Real-Time insight can impact your business.

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Lixar Driven by Data

What is Data Science? Data is a measure of what drives change.  Lixar moves beyond graphs and charts describing the past and builds a better, more precise understanding of the future with data engineering, data visualization and adaptive learning.  Through predictive modeling, advanced analytics and machine learning, true intelligence is born and insight is applied to what matters most to drive your business.  


Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Data engineering can feel complicated with so many platforms on the market. Lixar teams work with your pre-existing infrastructure to develop a unique data processing solution from ingestion, pre-processing, storage, to querying. Lixar’s experienced data team have successfully executed on a wide range of data processes including ETL, batch computation, and online (streaming) computation.


Data Visualization

Data Visualization

When a picture is worth 1,000 words, finding the right picture is crucial. Effective data-storytelling ensures that the full value of data science is realized by delivering clear, persuasive, and appealing visuals. Lixar’s team has a long and successful track record of making data come to life in ways that enlighten and lead to action. Innovative tools are used to expertly craft insightful data visualizations and deliver narratives, which are beautifully intuitive to technical and non-technical audiences alike.


Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

The world is a constantly changing place, and what worked yesterday might not work today. That’s why Lixar is at the forefront of adaptive machine learning, where we don’t just provide an algorithm; we provide a brain. Our Adaptive models learn in real-time, so that all predictions and insights are relevant in their current environment and to their current audience. The systems also alter themselves on the fly ensuring that you get actionable, relevant insight in an ever-changing world.


Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

Data is measurements; Measurements in time and space, of people and events. Predictive modelling finds relationships between these measurements, allowing us to use the past and present, to answer questions about the future. Advances in computing speed and algorithm design have given machines the ability to find and describe extremely complex relationships. Statistical models that are far too complicated for the human mind can now accurately deduced enough about a data set information to provide individuals and business with a clear way forward like never before.

Data can benefit organizations in a multitude of ways: operational analysis and intelligence, increased workforce efficiency, increased resource cost saving, reduced decision making risk, increased customer reach and increased relevancy and personalization.


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