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Driving Impact with ESG Programs at BDO Lixar 


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a core pillar of value creation for organizations. In today’s world, the actions of organizations are deeply intertwined with environmental, social and governance concerns. Excelling in these three areas is no longer a “nice to have” but a “necessity to do right” and validation among organizational stakeholders is essential. Thus, ESG Programs are integral to maintaining and creating sustainable organizational value and impact.

ESG programs lead to increased efficiencies and optimization, purposeful company-led impact, and higher team engagement. Risks are mitigated through the pursuit of ESG success.

We ask our clients "how are you measuring the health of your supply chain, your energy and renewable energy use and environmental impact, and your company-wide support for good governance and equity, diversity and inclusion?"

Here’s how we help:

Risk Management
Risk Management
Targets and Measurements
Targets & Measurements
Contact us to learn more about ESG and how we can help you define your vision and values and measure your ESG-led impact in a meaningful way. We’re here to help!

BDO's commitment to an Innovative Culture

Culture that supports: Diversity and Inclusion through Integrity, Respect and Collaboration.

Data is About People, Not Just the Numbers

BDO Lixar is a relationship-driven tech company; we love data as much as we love our close-knit community. While Ottawa and Halifax remain our office hubs, we have adapted to this new reality and have become one team, uniquely remote — unified from coast-to-coast. We welcome everyone, from big cities or small towns, to those looking to come to Canada from all over the world. We are proud to be Canadian and we are always open to new ideas and creative discussions that move innovation and human dialogue forward in a positive way. 

In today’s uniquely remote landscape, BDO Lixar is leveraging the lessons we’re learning and putting this new knowledge into actionable results for today, and beyond.