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As the technology advisory arm of BDO Canada, BDO Lixar extends its long-standing dedication to social responsibility. Our people enjoy giving back to the community and have passionately invested their time and effort to helping one another.

Our commitment to serving Canadians is reflected in the ways that we give back. From nationwide programs to local service initiatives, BDO Lixar devotes its time and energy to supporting worthy causes and is proud to partner with many Canadian organizations—as individuals, offices, and firm-wide.

Drive Away Hunger
There are over 1 million visits to food banks across Canada every month.
Food Banks Canada

The Drive Away Hunger campaign emerged in 2004 when a Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) employee drove an open-cab tractor trailer around Ontario for eight days to collect almost 60,000 lbs of food. The campaign has now grown to become the largest employee-led food drive in Canada and has collected over 60 million meals.

And for 14 consecutive years, we have proudly partnered with FCC Drive Away Hunger campaign, yielding over 7.2 million donated meals to date in food and financial support.

We're focused on the goals!
Hockey Canada

From business goals to client goals, to buzzer-sounding goals, we're always ready to assist. That's why we're a proud sponsor of Hockey Canada. We're here to cheer on our home team as they strive for greatness in the game we all love.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to score. Our Goals for Kids program donates $50 for every goal scored at a national championship and $100 for every goal scored by Canada at an international event. These goals will help underprivileged kids score goals of their own by offsetting costs of registration and equipment for young players. To date, the Goals for Kids program has donated more than $100,000 to support our love of goals in Canada's winter game: hockey.

Let's go, Canada!


We can all agree that the pandemic hasn’t made the past couple years easy. However, music has helped to move us through the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens.

At BDO Lixar, we understood this and felt it was especially important this year to sponsor the Polaris Prize.

If you love music discovery with a cross-Canada view of talented and inspiring artists, you will want to click play on each and every one listed on the short list and on the long list.

How Does the Polaris Prize Work?

The Polaris Music Prize rewards artists who produce Canadian music albums of distinction. A $50,000 prize is shared with the recipient at the cornerstone Polaris Prize Short List performance and event in the Fall.

The Polaris Music Prize is a not-for-profit organization, and a juried award determined by a select panel of  journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and programmers from across Canada. The Prize is awarded regardless of musical genre or commercial popularity.

Jury members are selected annually by the Polaris Board of Directors. The Polaris Jury consists of 196 members from local and national media who display a wide breadth and depth of knowledge of Canadian music and passion for discovering new albums.

All jury members submit a ballot indicating their Top 5 albums of the year. The results form the Polaris Prize Long List and, after a second round of voting, the Polaris Prize Short List. An 11-member Grand Jury is selected each year to convene at the Polaris gala, where they determine the Polaris Prize Winner. To ensure an impartial outcome, no one with direct financial relationships with artists is eligible to become a jury member. The organization itself is a registered, not-for-profit corporation.

Here’s to supporting emerging and inspiring Canadian Music from coast-to-coast.

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Proud Official Partner of Golf Canada

Professional edge for your game

Whether in the boardroom or on the back nine, BDO's advisors can take every part of your game to the next level. That’s why we’re proud to be the Official Business and Professional Services Partner of Golf Canada, RBC Canadian Open, CP Women’s Open, and the Presenting Sponsor of all nine Canadian Amateur Golf Championships managed by Golf Canada.

We're excited to engage with Canadian golfers across the country. And we’re delighted to support the growth of the National Sport Organization so they can grow the Canadian golfing community.

Read our press release for the full story.