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Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa

BDO Lixar has been working with the Boys and Girls Club since 2015. During this time, we’ve supported healthy living and homework clubs, created music experiences with live performances, and brought new baseball teams to bat under the Lixar Lightning team banner. Team moments were shared, personal challenges were accepted and victories pursued.


Tanika Charles | Music


Lixar Lightning Baseball


City Fidelia with BGC members

This community partnership is one of mutual respect and enrichment. With a can-do attitude, we’ve moved in an aligned direction to support opportunities for all. Clubs across the country open their doors to all kids and teens because the BGC believes that everyone should feel welcome. That’s why we’re proud to work with BGC Ottawa, and to embrace their new, modern name and logo. 

Removing gender from the BGC name and logo echoes the inclusive practices that the BGC is known for, reinforcing the fact that they serve young people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities. We are honoured to work with the BGC, which has spent the last 100 years creating opportunities for kids and teens from coast-to-coast.

healthy living

BDO Lixar is driven to inspire healthy living, motivation, and positive mentorship within the company and community. Connecting with Lixar's healthy living ambassador, Madison MacKenzie, certainly lends a spark of encouragement for us to set goals, have purpose, and inspire others in the process. Our collective mind and body practice is to find our own balance and level of healthy living, everyday. We appreciate Maddy’s guidance now more than ever. If you wish to help Maddy reach her sprint kayaking goals, please visit Maddy MacKenzie’s website.


Drive Away Hunger

This year, BDO and BDO Lixar employees are back for the second annual BDO Goes the Distance, to make an even larger impact for our Drive Away Hunger campaign in support of Food Banks Canada. On September 12, with the help of family and friends, participants will be walking, running, or riding in support of our goal of providing one million meals to Canadians in need.

Polaris Music Prize

Short List
Long List

We can all agree that the pandemic hasn’t made the past year easy. However, music has helped to move us through the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens.

At BDO Lixar, we understood this and felt it was especially important this year to sponsor the Polaris Prize.

If you love music discovery with a cross-Canada view of talented and inspiring artists, you will want to click play on each and every one listed on the short list and on the long list.

Listen to all the artist here


So What is the Polaris Prize?

The Polaris Music Prize rewards artists who produce Canadian music albums of distinction. A $50,000 prize is shared with the recipient at the cornerstone Polaris Prize Short List performance and event in the Fall. ​​

Important Polaris Prize Selection Dates:

June 15

A long list of artists from across Canada is announced in June.

July 15

In July, the list is reduced to a short list consisting of 10 artists.

Sept 27

In September, the award is given to the recipient.


How Does the Polaris Prize Work?

The Polaris Music Prize is a not-for-profit organization, and a juried award determined by a select panel of  journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and programmers from across Canada. The Prize is awarded regardless of musical genre or commercial popularity.

Jury members are selected annually by the Polaris Board of Directors. The Polaris Jury consists of 196 members from local and national media who display a wide breadth and depth of knowledge of Canadian music and passion for discovering new albums.

All jury members submit a ballot indicating their Top 5 albums of the year. The results form the Polaris Prize Long List and, after a second round of voting, the Polaris Prize Short List. An 11-member Grand Jury is selected each year to convene at the Polaris gala, where they determine the Polaris Prize Winner. To ensure an impartial outcome, no one with direct financial relationships with artists is eligible to become a jury member. The organization itself is a registered, not-for-profit corporation.

Here’s to supporting emerging and inspiring Canadian Music from coast-to-coast.

To learn more about BDO Lixar and the community programs that we support, please contact community@Lixar.com

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