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A letter from the leaders

In 1999, over a cup of coffee, the idea to start a company called Lixar was stirred. A group of three came up with the name while sitting around the family dining room table — Lixar, from the word Elixir, which means: a solution for all things.

Lixar was created to build technology that makes a difference, and we’ve been evolving ever since. From web and mobile development for enterprise, IoT and Cloud, and today, Data and AI. We provide complete data-driven solutions from end-to-end.  We love technology because it is always changing. We embrace change because there are always new things to learn and ways to grow. We’ve always made it a priority to work with purpose and to create an environment that is creative and innovative, and to support and nurture our dynamic teams whether in Canada or abroad. 

In 2020, Lixar joined the BDO Canada Family to grow and accelerate Lixar’s data-driven services in Canada. BDO brings almost 100 years of experience as a leading provider of assurance and accounting, tax, and advisory services in Canada. With significant insight into the needs of mid-market organizations in Canada, this expansion of AI and Data expertise will help BDO’s digital transformation to readily respond to dynamic market changes. BDO’s presence in Canada includes over 100 locations, and is part of BDO’s international network with operations in 167 countries.

Lixar continues to remain as Lixar, and operates as a nimble, creative, and innovative organization. What’s different? You’ll see that we’ve changed our logo to reflect our partnership as Lixar fueled by BDO. We continue to love technology and understand it’s pace and the opportunities it provides. Lixar has over 20 years of enterprise-scale technology experience that will certainly accelerate and drive powerful data-driven change for the clients it serves.

Lixar believes in community and supports those who require a helping hand from time-to-time, such as the Boys and Girls Club. We also understand the importance of music and its impact on culture. As such, we are very fortunate to support the Polaris Music Prize and the national artist residency program. This program is designed to help emerging artists find time to work with innovative systems and industry representatives and to create, produce and record new music.

Lixar has always been about forward-thinking & forward momentum. Our goal is to continue to accelerate. On our journey with BDO, we want to help our collective clients and partners to adapt, adopt and grow.

Bill Syrros & Emmanuel Florakas
Bill Syrros, Lixar CEO
Emmanuel-Florakas,President and CFO
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OUR Community_

A strong commitment to company culture and community connection are embedded in Lixar’s foundation. Built upon this is the belief that all things are possible with the right combination of creativity, innovation and inspiration.

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
Lixar is honoured to support the McGahan Centre and Ottawa Boys and Girls Club. BGCO is a barrier-free environment where kids aged 6-18 years old are safe and supported; building positive relationships and developing healthy living skills.
Kids Help Phone
**SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED** Lixar to support Kids Help Phone, Canada’s only national 24-hour, phone counselling, online counselling, and referral service for children and youth.
Lixar Unplugged
Lixar is proud to support music through Ottawa-based music festival Megaphono & the soon to be announced Lixar Unplugged Series. 4 times a year, presenting emerging music artists and sharing music and creativity on the Lixar stage.
Healthy Living
Lixar is driven to inspire healthy living, motivation and positive mentorship within the company and community. Connecting with Lixar's ambassador Madison MacKenzie certainly lends a spark of encouragement to set goals, be driven, have purpose, and inspire others in the process.

Proudly supporting creativity through music on the Lixar stage.

A place where listeners can unplug...



Lixar supports Healthy Living through the Lixar Lightning baseball team. The program’s design is to offer mentorship, sport, and fun for community kids through baseball.

We’re lucky to spend time with the kids at the Boys and Girls club. As a tech company, we’re in code a lot … It is refreshing for our hearts and minds to spend time with community. Shelley Fraser
Lixar Community Engagement and Communications Director


What’s your goal?

Join the Healthy Living Community

My sport, sprint kayaking, brings out the best in me, on and off the water. My values stay the same: respect for the environment, fair play, teamwork, and dedication.Madison MacKenzie
Lixar Healthy Living Ambassador

What’s your goal?
Join the Healthy Living Community

My sport, sprint kayaking, brings out the best in me, on and off the water. My values stay the same: respect for the environment, fair play, teamwork, and dedication.Madison MacKenzie
Lixar Healthy Living Ambassador

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