Data is About People, Not Just the Numbers

Lixar fuelled by BDO is a relationship-driven tech company; we love data as much as we love our close-knit community. While Ottawa and Halifax remain our office hubs, we have adapted to this new reality and have become one team, uniquely remote — unified from coast to coast. Our 1Canada program welcomes everyone, from big cities or small towns, to those looking to come to Canada from all over the world. We are proud to be Canadian and we are always open to new ideas and creative discussions that move innovation and human dialogue forward in a positive way. 

In today’s uniquely remote landscape, Lixar fuelled by BDO is leveraging the lessons we’re learning and putting this new knowledge into actionable results for 2021, and beyond.

Telling our story through data vizualization_

In 2020, Lixar took on an exciting new challenge to be active while discovering the beauty of Canada. With our team members spread across the country, the goal was to collectively explore more of Canada, by partaking in various activities in our own necks of the woods, building our kilometres as a team. Not only did we make it across Canada, we actually travelled coast to coast, and back! 

We then challenged our data viz team to capture this incredible journey using Power BI, so we can truly see this example of what it means to be one team, uniquely remote. Have a look and experience the power of data visualization!

“What a unique way to see Canada through the eyes of the Lixar community”

Celebrating Our Values | Create . Innovate . Inspire . Grow
Community Day_
Four times a year we come together as a company and connect as a community.  It reminds us of how important community, music, and Canadian culture are, and how we need to work together to be supportive and resilient. Even though we aren’t able to gather in person these days, we still wanted to bring everyone together. So, adapting to the new reality, we adopted an online community day format for 2020. As our Lixar fuelled by BDO community continues to grow, we created new ways to connect, including a company-wide walking meeting, custom-made care packages, personalized to each employee, and a desk decorating contest with a sweet prize.
Walking Meetings_

2020 brought many challenges, as well as some wins. We’ve learned a lot, and translated these lessons into new ways to connect, communicate, work, and support each other. In the interest of public health and safety, we’ve had to make drastic company-wide changes in going fully remote. In this new normal, many of our work commitments now take place entirely in digital spaces. We’re adapting to new circumstances and adopting  new, creative ways to balance the benefits and struggles of living in a remote reality by welcoming walking meetings as an alternative way to connect with your team on any off-screen updates. Inspired by the nature around us, walking meetings are a great time to share what we’re seeing, and how we’re doing.

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