Lixar Podcast: IoT is Your Data Funnel Part II

Are you AI-Ready?

IoT and AI are here to stay. The manufacturing industry alone is set to see some of the greatest potential impacts from IoT use— as much as $3.7T per year with the value coming from productivity improvements. 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31% are expected to add it by 2019. While IoT and AI are still relatively new ideas, 83% of the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies have said that their companies have already achieved substantial benefits

Artificial Intelligence is the perfect companion to IoT. The droves of data produced by IoT is optimal to train Machine Learning and AI models. So, what do you have to consider to leverage your IoT and take the first step into the world of AI?

In this podcast, Lixar experts discuss the factors that businesses leveraging IoT need to address before they’re ready to implement applied AI solutions. We talk building blocks, business cases, and a few short-term steps that can set you up for success down the road.


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Healthy living | How Walking Meetings can Increase Productivity

Happy Monday! Welcome to the Healthy Living Monday Minute, where we will be providing tips on how you can improve your workplace productivity, healthiness, and overall well-being.

Today’s healthy tip is to schedule walking meetings outside instead of traditional indoor, sit down meetings. If the weather is permitting, walking is a great way to improve creativity, de-stress, and keeping us healthy.

According to Mark Zuckerburg, executives from Google, and Nilofer Merchant who presented a TED talk on the subject, walking meetings are abundant in benefits, and can change the dynamics of your team for the better. Getting up and out of the chair offers multiple benefits to both the individual and the company culture. Walking meetings boost employee energy by getting the blood circulating, which could lead to creative ideas. While some believe that it’s a myth, taking a day or even a few minutes to walk around outside in nature can recalibrate your senses. This break in concentration allows your prefrontal cortex, the command centre of the brain, to rest similar to the way a muscles rest after use. This rest leads to the rejuvenation and improvement of your cognitive ability.

To achieve maximum effectiveness with the walking meetings, you should consider the following tips:

  • Announce before the meeting that it will be an active and outdoor meeting
  • Check the weather and plan accordingly
  • The two best times to go on a walking meeting are right before lunch, or in the late afternoon to boost the energy level and productivity of employees
  •  Don’t plan a walking meeting if any one in that meeting has to wear traditional business attire at another point in the day
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