Friday 5 - July 27 | Machine Learning is the invisible helping hand

Friday 5 – July 27 | Machine Learning is the Invisible Helping Hand

Hi there, Happy Friday! Did you know that machine learning plays a pretty big role in most of our daily lives? Whether it’s the auto-correct when we misspell an email, a suggestion for what movie to watch on video streaming sites, or filtering out spam mail, machine learning has changed our lives more than we may think. Let’s read on about some of the possibilities that machine learning has to help us in the near future.

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Friday 5 – July 20 | Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Hello, and Happy Friday! Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) dates back to antiquity as ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology shows concepts of AI in their ideology of being able to produce mechanical beings. Thousands of years later the rate of its development increases exponentially everyday? This is because our understanding of machine learning has improved, allowing for quicker scientific advances in fields that were unheard of 30 years ago. And no the “Terminator” is not coming, but read on to see where AI and machine learning can take us in the future.

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Friday 5 – July 13: The push for an autonomous and connected society

Goodmorning, and Happy Friday! It is official the World Cup is almost over and we are in for a thriller of a match between France and Croatia! Regardless of you are cheering for, we can all agree that this has been one of the most innovative tournaments to date. As the tourney winds down let’s take a look at how connected and autonomous devices help push society forward.

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