The Future of AI

Friday 5 | August 24 | The Future of AI

Hello, and happy Friday! After backpacking through Europe for the past month I am glad to be back here at Lixar! Did you know that the majority AI are female by default? This is because after extensive research both males and females alike prefer the sound of a female voice. Let’s continue into this weeks article to see what the future holds for AI.

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Friday 5 - July 27 | Machine Learning is the invisible helping hand

Friday 5 – July 27 | Machine Learning is the Invisible Helping Hand

Hi there, Happy Friday! Did you know that machine learning plays a pretty big role in most of our daily lives? Whether it’s the auto-correct when we misspell an email, a suggestion for what movie to watch on video streaming sites, or filtering out spam mail, machine learning has changed our lives more than we may think. Let’s read on about some of the possibilities that machine learning has to help us in the near future.

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