IoT and the Industrial Landscape

Geoff Aucoin Podcast

In this podcast, we bring on special guest Greg Dashwood, Product Lead Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics at Microsoft Canada. In a fascinating conversation with Lixar’s very own Sherif Messiha, we talk high-level trends, examine IIoT in industry and manufacturing, and look at best practices and real-world implementations. We also cover what companies can do to drive adoption within their own organization.

Get Your Data House in Order

Lixar I.T. Podcast

In this Podcast, we’ll cover some key terms, the best approach, data storage, and more. If you’re looking at leveraging data for your organization, drop us a line at

IoT is Your Data Funnel Part II

Lixar I.T. Podcast

In this podcast, Lixar experts discuss the factors that businesses leveraging IoT need to address before they’re ready to implement applied AI solutions. We talk building blocks, business cases, and a few short-term steps that can set you up for success down the road.

Why The Data Plumbing Matters

Lixar I.T. Podcast

Data plumbing provides a way for your company to manage, process, and store data efficiently so that it can be easily accessed and used to improve your company’s processes and organization. By having a well structured plumbing system, your company can increase business efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and provide actionable insights promptly, with data to back-up your decision-making.

IoT is Your Data Funnel Part I

Lixar I.T. Podcast

The widespread use of smart-devices creates opportunities for a more direct integration of the world around us into computer-based systems. This can result in unprecedented efficiency and economic benefits. The key is ensuring this data is processed and acted upon quickly.