The Lixar Way: Energized, Empowered, Active

With serious technical chops, rockstar PMs, determined data scientists, and developers at the top of their game, Lixar has always been a place that has excelled at pushing the limits of what can be done with technology. But we also understand that there is a delicate balance to maintain — for team members to achieve their goals, they not only need tech skills, but support on a personal level from their workplace.

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Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

Your plane could fly itself by 2025…

The time when taking a ride in an autonomous car will be a common occurrence is fast approaching. However, what about other vehicles? Boats? Trains? Planes? According to the investment bank UBS, we could see autonomous planes as early as 2025. If the air-transportation industry were to adopt full automation, it would save $35 billion a year and cut passenger fares by around 10%.

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