Friday Five

AI has taken over the top stories of the week, and is helping to make driving safer, customer service better, and accommodations easier.

Here’s today’s top five:

Mitsubishi is Introducing Mirrorless Cars

Following on the tails of backup cameras and looking towards a future with autonomous vehicles, companies like Mitsubishi are looking to replace car mirrors with AI-enhanced cameras. Able to distinguish between various obstacles (e.g. car vs. pedestrian), drivers can be notified well in advance about any potential collisions, making commuting a little safer.

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Friday Five | CES Edition

Thanks to CES, this week was an exciting one for the world of technology. In this special edition of the Friday Five, we’re taking a look at some of the most interesting tech innovation that was announced in Las Vegas this week.

Toyota e-Palette

When you remove the element of the driver, how do you use a vehicle’s space?

That’s been the question that’s been plaguing auto manufacturers with autonomous vehicles on the horizon.

Toyota’s answer to this problem is the e-Palette, a fully autonomous space on wheels that can be used for anything from retail to delivering your pizza while it’s cooking.

With strong partners looking to help evolve the e-Palette such as Mazda, Amazon, Did Chuxing, Mazda, Pizza Hut, and Uber; we’re looking forward to seeing where this particular vehicle goes.

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Gain Insights with Power BI

At a recent Data Meetup, Lixar Data Scientist Jim Provost, and Cloud Solution Architect/Microsoft Azure MVP Frank Boucher gave a talk about predicting churn and how to use Power BI visualizations to gain insights.

As a part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Power BI helps users build compelling data visualizations. By supporting your favourite data sources such as Excel, JSON, Salesforce, and more, you can quickly and easily create custom visualizations that suit any need.

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