Global Azure Bootcamp April 21

Be part of the worldwide Azure experience

Continuous learning is becoming increasingly important in a time where the world is changing so rapidly. Now, more than ever, it’s possible to learn about new topics or develops new skills, with books, podcasts, videos, and so many other resources at your fingertips. Allowing you to keep up with the changing demands of both work and life, engaging in a lifetime of learning can truly improve your life and give you a competitive edge.

For developers across the globe, Saturday, April 21 will be a day dedicated to learning and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. A total of 288 locations will be running a simultaneous Global Azure Bootcamp, and Lixar is excited to be home to the Ottawa edition of the bootcamp.

Hosted by Lixar’s Frank Boucher and the Ottawa Cloud Tech Meetup, the 2018 Global Azure Bootcamp will consist of a full-day program dedicated to introducing Microsoft Azure to developers and exploring “what’s next” after an app is in the Azure cloud.

Through a series of nine practical labs, attendees will learn how to make a cloud solution more secure and how to make it perform better. Lab topics will include:

  • Provision OMS
  • Provision Environment
  • Application Insights 1 and 2
  • Log Analytics
  • Azure Security Center
  • App Service
  • Azure Monitor
  • ARM Governance

With speakers from Lixar, Opulent ASP Development, Microsoft Ottawa, and Lajak Technologies, this bootcamp will be jam-packed with valuable content, practical advice, and hands-on learning.

Join the Ottawa Cloud Tech Meetup at the Lixar HQ on April 21st for the 2018 Global Azure Bootcamp to continue learning and walk away with practical knowledge you can start applying immediately.

Want in? Register for free here:

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Passenger looks out airport window at flying plane

Friday Five

Happy Friday! April has finally arrived and it seems Canada has entered the third winter, and we should expect mud season to start soon. For everyone else, spring is in the air and technology – much like nature – is ready for a season of growth and innovation. With that in mind, let’s bloom into the weekend with all the week’s tech updates.

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Arton and Jonny at AIX

Lixar: AIX Bound

From April 10 to 12, Lixar’s Air Tech Team: Jonny Stevens and Arton Sallahi will be in Hamburg, Germany for the Aircraft Interiors Expo. AIX is the air industry’s biggest event of the year.

For its 18th edition, AIX will bring together industry-leading companies to showcase the most innovative and forward-thinking ideas in the industry from over 550 companies. The exhibition will cover a wide array of products and services, ranging from cabin management systems to in-flight entertainment and communications – from overhead storage to wiring and fibre optics, and much, much more… The amount and variety of technology is truly astounding. With over 16,000 attendees, including over 1,100 airline buyers from 268 airlines, AIX is one of – if not the best – industry event to grow your network.

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