Celebrating Team Kuujjuuaq at the CSM

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This year’s 50th Anniversary celebration of the Canadian Ski Marathon was very special for everyone who participated or has supported this Coureur des Bois (CdB)/Carrier of  Wood cross-country ski journey throughout its history.

Each year, some 2000+ skiers make their way to this unique trail to ski and celebrate healthy living and winter sport in Canada.  The trail showcases a natural bounty filled with postcard moments containing images of the Canadian shield and untouched Quebec countryside.

Since 2006, Lixar has supported the CSM through Lixar team participation and volunteer support. Bill Syrros, Lixar’s CEO was the CSM President from 2012-2014.  Today, Lixar continues to support the Canadian Ski Marathon through technical development.

Why is the CSM so special?   Because of its community spirit.

There are CdB skiers who are going for gold – driven to finish the entire 160 km trail and there are tourers, who finish each section attaining a personal goal.  Both victories drive the CSM spirit and in the process each personal pursuit becomes a part of the CSM legend.

Everyone can succeed however more often than not each personal success is fueled by the smiles from other skiers, encouraging words from trailside volunteers and support from literal strangers along the way.

Every year carries its own legend.  The CSM can thank Jack Rabbit for his inspiration!  This year, Lixar celebrates Kuujjuaq for Becoming part of the Legend.

Lixar_CanadianSkiMarathon4Kuujjuuaq. Kuujjuaq, is Nunavik's largest community










Team Kuujjuaq traveled approximately 1700 km to participate in the CSM.   

Kuujjuaq, is Nunavik’s largest community and is located upstream from Ungava Bay.  Kuujjuaq means Great River.  The Kuujjuaq community is closely connected to the river, as the river expands, ebbs and flows, it alters the landscape and influences the community’s way of life.

Perhaps, the community’s respect for nature’s changing flow and its ability to adapt is the connection point between the CSM and Kuujjuaq’s skiers.


Today we celebrate CSM youth and history … and team Kuujjuaq.

Team Kuujjuaq, your journey has inspired us — from everyone at Lixar, ‘thank you’ for becoming part of the CSM Legend!

Become the CSM Legend


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