Community Day 2017 | Celebrating Community, Creativity, Music

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Port William Sound, where the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat winner Trails did her recordings  One of the Boys and Girls Club kids speeds past Lixar's defence during a game of basketball

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa and Halifax Pop Explosion have been community connection points in Ottawa and Halifax for many years. Their programs have empowered and helped many young people to learn how to play sports, to read, and discover music in a safe and barrier-free environment.

Activities on the court such as volleyball, basketball, and in the music studio help kids grow through healthy outlets…many lessons and positive interactions can be applied to real life. Creating an environment that inspires kids to get involved and develop themselves in a positive way really is the name of the game.

Lixar and the Boys and Girls Club pose for a shot before their basketball game 

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MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat winner Trails serenades the crowd with her soothing voiceSo why would Lixar go out of our way to offer this support? The goal of the Boys and Girls Club and Centreline Studios are one of the same — to provide opportunities, positive experiences, and outlets for expression to children from all walks of life. Without saying, this is important; and by providing support within Ottawa and Halifax communities Lixar hopes to help them remain happy, healthy, and thriving.

Bound through sound, over the course of Community Day those present will experience live streamed events, music, food, games and more.

With performances from musical artists BlakDenim, Cunny Ross, and MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat winner Trails, Lixar hopes to spread the good vibrations throughout the community.

So on June 22nd, let’s celebrate our vibrant community!

BlakDenim by the river in front of a sign that says Black Sheep  BlakDenim by the river


Donate to the Boys and Girls Club online here, or text the word ‘BELONG’ to 41010 to make a one-time $10 donation.

Find out more about Centerline Studios here.