Friday 5 | August 24 | The Future of AI

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Hello, and happy Friday! After backpacking through Europe for the past month I am glad to be back here at Lixar! Did you know that the majority AI are female by default? This is because after extensive research both males and females alike prefer the sound of a female voice. Let’s continue into this weeks article to see what the future holds for AI.

It is generally impossible to hear any sounds that come from below water, let alone a message meant for airplanes. However researchers from MIT have found a way to break down the barrier and transfer signals between water and air. By using two different types of sound wave signals operators can decode it using binary systems, sending detailed information back and forth. The technology being used is still in the early stages of development, however the upside for this new communication channels is exciting.

AI is a mainstream topic when it comes to its integration with cars. However have you heard of cars being able to speak? The scientists behind have figured out a way to allow the vehicle to talk to both the passengers and pedestrians as it roams the streets. By using a combination of sensors, lasers, and speakers to enable the AI ability to navigate and communicate to the driver what is on the road. The innovation helps to create a bond between the driver and car while increasing its safety.

Technology is constantly changing and pushing AI further into the spotlight. It is predicted that by 2020 there will be over 30 million IoT and AI devices in the world. The future is looking bright as new innovative uses of the product are being developed. Smart assistants now have the ability to use AI to place orders and buy household items when the product is close to empty, receive products via drones, and ultimately freeing up time and enriching the users life. The wide range of use for smart assistants vary from personal usage to enterprise operations, and have the ability to perform tasks that may be to time consuming for the busy life of the user, such as grocery shopping.

Sportlogiq have partnered with the Swedish Hockey League to provide its AI technology to help benefit the teams, broadcasters, and betting partners by allowing them access to real time and deeper in depth analytics. The data will be used to process and distribute player and in game data allowing for the teams and fans alike to better understand the game.

Friday Favourite

As the World Cup becomes a fond memory of the past summer, sports fans look forward to the beginning of the league seasons. Soccer clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid intend to continue enriching the fan experience through emerging technologies. The clubs have partnered with different tech companies to create a digital experience platform that provides real time, personalized, and a unified experience for fans. The apps will include ticketing, e-commerce, events, and experiences to benefit the stakeholders. The clubs goal is to use the ai technology and other analytical data to understand and deliver content that the user wants to see.