Healthy Living | The Importance of GivingTuesday

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Good Afternoon and happy cyber Monday! American Thanksgiving has come and go in a flash, but the feeling of being grateful and helping others can keep going! Before we start our Christmas lists, i’d like to remind you that tomorrow (Tuesday the 27th) is GivingTuesday. This is a day that North Americans can team up with charities, companies, and other organizations to give back to their cause of choice. Click here to see a list of charities that you can donate to.

The goal of GivingTuesday is to combine the use of social media and people’s generosity to create real change in their communities. The combination of different types of organizations, charities, and individuals encourage unique and positive acts of kindness. To quote Make-A-Wish Foundation: “We have two days that are good for the economy. Now we have a day that is good for the community too.”

The healthy tip of the week is: Give back to the community that supports the things you hold closest. Donating money to charity provides great internal satisfaction, studies have shown that those who have given gifts or donated to charity are happier than those who spend money on gifts for themselves.

There are countless different organizations that you can make a donation towards or help by volunteering at their locations. Here in Ottawa you can help by volunteering your time at the Boys and Girls Club, spreading positive awareness, and donating to charities like 4-H Canada. The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa provides after school programs for 4500 members, and receives more than 100,000 visits per year. Organizations like these and many others are looking to better the lives of youth growing up in Canada. If you are feeling generous on this GivingTuesday then click the link to donate to the BGCO.

If you are looking for a little confidence boost as to why you should volunteer or donate to charity, here is a little push of encouragement:

| It feels good to donate – By donating money to a charity that you care about you will be making a meaningful difference, while simultaneously making yourself feel good. Generosity is contagious and spreading that feeling is what GivingTuesday is about.

| By giving back to our community we will be building a better future for the next generation as they grow up. “We need to be engaged with our community to thrive”

  • Pam Malow-Isham, Author