Lixar Community Day celebrates the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, Baseball and MusiCounts!

June 23, 2016

Community Day at Lixar — a day where the office is closed and all Lixar teams come together to celebrate community, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, MusiCounts and each other.

Lixar Community Day 2016


Throughout the past year, Lixar teams have run various events to support BGCO and MusiCounts fundraising initiatives.  Many have invested their personal time and culinary, car washing, ping pong, poker and garage sale organizational skills to raise money for kids in the community who need a helping hand.

Bike Magic Garage Sale Friends Garage Sale Monitors Thumbs Up from Lixar TeamGarage Sale Downhill Ready Lixar_Car_Wash_Boys_and_Girls_Club

Why do we make the effort? Because the programs Lixar supports make a big difference.  The Lixar #Homework #Homerun club was created to provide literacy and healthy living support.  The Boys and Girls Club is a safe, barrier-free environment that invites community children from all walks of life to participate in sports, reading, cooking, music and other important activities.  In Lixar’s case, we support reading and baseball (called the Lixar Lightning).

Boys and Girls Club OttawaLixar_BGCO_HomeRunClub

“Some of the best life lessons are learned through sport,” said Bill Syrros, CEO, Lixar.  “OBGC offers barrier-free sport programs which give kids an opportunity to learn and grow. From my perspective, it’s vital that high-tech companies take part in developing the social fabric of the city.”

Over 300 Lixar clients, friends, family and Ottawa Boys and Girls members will make their way to the stadium tonight to watch the Ottawa Champions vs Trois-Rivieres baseball game.

A boy and girl from BGCO will throw the first pitch and nine others will get to run onto the field with the Champions baseball players — how cool is that?  We’re very honoured to help realize these experiences for the kids. Inspiring moments are so important for everyone — young and old.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living is important to Lixar.  Even if Lixar teams take a few minutes to walk around the block or a few hours to run a marathon, we understand the value of being active.  Lixar’s “Friday lunch” walking group made the BCGO McGahan Clubhouse the destination point on this February day.  Great way to see the community and get some exercise.


To empower healthy living, Lixar works closely with healthy living ambassadors such as Maddy MacKenzie and Teo Sanchez.


Both are young community athletes.  In Maddy’s case, we support her development through tech driven connectivity.  We’ve recently developed a website for her and provide Maddy with mobile connectivity and wearable technology.

In Teo’s case, Lixar assisted Teo financially so that he could make his way to the Jr. World Championships in Biathlon.


Every contribution, big or small really does count.  This is holds true when you are considering the size of many school budgets for music programs.  MusiCounts gives Halifax-based schools the opportunity to off-set the costs to run music programs.  The Lixar Halifax office has been raising funds for the MusiCounts program.  Recently Halifax teams led a pool tournament with this initiative in mind.

Halifax Pool 8 Halifax Pool 10Halifax Pool 2

A picture may say a thousand words but a video is likely to pull at your heart strings … watch the MusiCounts video to learn why music is so important.


Enjoy your day and remember, no matter where you are … “Go-Community-Go”!

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