Teo Sanchez

Lixar supports Canadian Biathlete’s journey to World Jr Championships in Romania

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If you live in a northern country, you are likely aware of the sport Biathlon.  If you don’t, here’s a quick description. According to the Biathlon Canada website, biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free technique cross country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship.  The word biathlon is of Greek origin and means “two tests”.  This of course refers to the combination of skiing and shooting which dates back over 4000 years through the tradition of hunting while travelling on skis in pursuit of game. Historians also cite military references with descriptions of battles between warriors on skis. Gradually, the techniques needed for survival and combat developed into contests of skill.

To be successful in Biathlon, the athlete must have cardio, skill and accuracy.  Imagine yourself skiing a few kilometers (usual distance is between 7.5 and 20 km) and then trying to settle your heart rate down to successfully hit a target 50 meters away?

Teo Sanchez is a biathlete who simply makes this task look effortless.  Teo has a Canadian can-do attitude and genuine love for the sport.  Teo’s passion and success has led him to the World Junior Championships in Cheile Gradistei, Romania, January 25 – February 2, 2016.

Lixar is proud to support Canadian Biathlete Teo Sanchez and his journey to compete at World Jr Championships in Romania.  Have fun Teo!  The Lixar community will be cheering you on!  For more information, please contact community@lixar.com.

Teo Sanchez

Blog from Teo Sanchez

My name is Teo Sanchez. I’m a Canadian biathlete from Wakefield Quebec. I’m sitting on the edge of my
seat as I write this because on the 22nd of January, which is two days from now, I’m leaving to Romania
to compete in the world junior championships. This will be my first time racing at the international stage and the level of competition will be unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Representing Canada is a daunting idea but I’m ready to take it on.

I’ve been doing biathlon for a long time now. After 6 years strong in the sport, I’m just as passionate and dedicated to it as ever. High levels of competition fuel me, and I am always looking for a new way to challenge myself. This sport has been a pillar in my life over the past few years and after this trip, it will only be more important. I’m not sure if my thirst for competition will ever be quenched but one thing I do know is that it will at the very least be temporarily satisfied in Romania.

Unfortunately this sport can get very expensive. This trip, combined with the trials races, will cost me approximately $5,000. The good people at Lixar, have very generously offered to help out with some of these expenses and I want to express my utmost gratitude towards them for this. It means a lot to me to see this kind of support coming from a company and I hope that I will have a great relationship with them in the future.

When I pack my bags tomorrow I’ll be getting ready to take on the world. This trip means so much to
me, as I’ve worked so hard for so long to reach this level. I’m going into this with everything I have and just the idea of it sends adrenaline shooting through my body. All I can hope for is that I’m ready for this and that I’ll be able to shoot straight and ski fast.