Lixar SOS Children’s Villages Soccer-Baseball Day 2014

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[row][left]At lixar we believe that education can break the poverty cycle.[/left][right][quote author=”Nelson Mandela”]Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.[/quote][/right][/row]

Lixar is proud to announce sponsorship support for SOS children at risk in Mali, Africa and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

[/center] By partnering with SOS Children’s Villages, funding support will go to the Child Abandonment Prevention Program in Sao Paulo, Rio Bonito, Brazil and the Child Education program in Mali, Africa:

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Rio Bonito

Rio Bonito is one of the biggest cities in the world.  Many live in Favelas which have limited, if any, sanitation, safety and security.  The Favelas face extreme challenges: violence, crime, malnourished children, and child abuse.  Few have an opportunity to get an education and most can’t read or write.  With these odds, as you can imagine, very few children/teens are able to break the poverty cycle.  Funding support from Lixar, Lixar teams and friends, will help children at risk through the Child Abandonment Prevention Program in Sao Paulo.
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Kouloun, Mali, Africa

Kouloun is located in Mali, Africa.  The country borders on Senegal, Mauretania, Algeria and Guinea to name a few.  The population faces reoccurring droughts and persistent poverty.  The harshness of the land causes it to be one of the poorest countries in Africa.  51% live on less than $1 a day.

Only 26% can read and write and very few receive primary school education.  In Mali, over 695,000 are orphaned.  1 in 3 will suffer stunting due to malnutrition.  Without continued education awareness programs, most girls will undergo female genial mutilation.  And, regardless of gender, an alarming number of children will face human trafficing.


Working with SOS Children’s Villages

Through the Child Abandonment Prevention Program in Sao Paulo, Rio Bonito, Brazil and the Child Education program in Mali, Africa:, SOS Children’s Villages Canada is making a difference.

By working with the communities in an open, thoughtful and integrated way, SOS is increasing awareness, empowering children through education and helping them become healthier, happier and more secure.

Join Lixar in supporting SOS Children’s Villages and Children at Risk in Rio Bonito, Brazil and Mali, Africa.  Donate today: Give the gift of education, food and medicine.

[row] [left center=”true”]Donate Today[/left] [right center=”true”]For more information, please contact: [small] or SOS Children’s Villages Canada.[/small][/right] [/row]