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Laura Rodgers

As a previous co-op student myself, I can speak firsthand that the experiences and knowledge gained through co-operative placements will stick with you throughout your career. It allows you to explore different areas related to your studies and helps you to find your true passion, which is so important, as there are so many different directions you can take with a degree or diploma.

It is due to the passion, enthusiasm and talent of the co-op students that I have been leading the co-op initiative at Lixar and the reason why we continue incorporating the program in our workplace.

Working with Dalhousie University and The University of Waterloo to hire co-op students for both our Ottawa and Halifax Offices has been a positive experience for us. The knowledge and the positive attitudes that are available right here in front of us are phenomenal and it is sometimes very difficult to hire just a few rather than all the students we interview.

It is always so interesting to chat with students and hear their perspective on what they think will be hot technologies in the upcoming year. We encourage our students to create, innovate and inspire, as that is our mantra at Lixar for all of our staff.

Within the first week of a new hire, the students fill out a short questionnaire to see which skills and technologies they want to learn or explore and we try to tailor their term to focus on what they are interested in and how that can help Lixar with our current projects. Our students actually make contributions to the products that Lixar is working on, and that’s a pretty cool thing to put on your resume and tell your friends about!

We’re currently wrapping up our hiring process for January 2016, so our next co-op recruiting will be in the spring for the summer term. If you’re a student, keep an eye on your co-operative portal, as the postings tend to go out early in the semester.

Post by Laura Rodgers, Lixar Recruitment Specialist