Lixar is Proud to Present: The Polaris Music Prize Podcast Live: Inside the Long List. June 13th at the National Arts Centre, at 7:30 PM

Proud to Support Canadian Music | Polaris Long List & Podcast Live

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Lixar is proud to present the Polaris Long List and to help produce the Polaris Podcast Live: Inside the Long List.

Why does Lixar support music events Like the Polaris Prize, MEGAPHONO and the Halifax Pop Explosion? Because music helps to create vibrant communities. The sound, audio experience and music vibration brings us together.

The Polaris music prize is awarded annually to a Canadian artist based on merit; and is judged by a jury of 196 members of the national media who display a vast amount of knowledge about Canadian music. Each juror submits a ballot with their top 5 albums of the year, the result forms the Polaris Long List.

Music is what brought Lixar’s founders together, and is still a large part of company culture today. The goal of Polaris and Lixar are one in the same: to keep artists making music, and in turn to keep Canada vibrant. As a proud supporter of the local music community Lixar is thrilled to honour the members of the 40 album Long List today at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. For the first time ever, Polaris will be hosting a live Podcast after the announcement discussing the Long List honourees.

Why does an audio experience matter? By definition, audio is, ‘that which is heard, the effect which is produced by the vibration of a body affecting the ear.’ Sound is a disruptor that saturates our day to day. Hearing is the only sense that is fully immersive, and provides a 360 degree contextual perception of the world around us. Any sound that’s unwanted is just mere noise.

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Here’s a clip that explains why music is important at Lixar:

If you can, join Lixar, Polaris and Ottawa’s vibrant music community tonight, June 13 at the National Arts Centre. Podcast Podcast Live taping starts at 7:30 pm.

The Polaris prize will be selected on September 18th – proud to be Canadian & proud to support Canadian music artists.


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Polaris And Lixar Partner For Long List And Live Podcast Event In Ottawa