Shout It Out for HPX

Lixar I.T. Community

X-AUDIO and HPX want you to shout it out!

We want to feature your voice and story on the Halifax Pop Explosion app! Record an audio clip, and play your part in building up the HPX community.

What to Shout About?

Any place you love in Halifax – a favourite hotspot by the ocean, a bar, or even a coffee shop. Maybe let people know about a band playing at HPX that you can’t wait to see. Or give a Shout Out to a particular neighbourhood, area, or Halifax hidden treasure that you want people to know about.

And most importantly, don’t forget to wish HPX a happy 25th anniversary!


How Do You Submit a Shout Out?

Head over to’s Hear From You page, which will tell you how to submit your clip.

Once you’ve recorded your Shout Out, open up the HPX App on iOS or Android, and press play to start the X-AUDIO experience. Keep listening for your clip, and listen for more Shout Outs from other festival-goers!

What’s X-AUDIO?

Your contextual audio guide, X-AUDIO’s content will change based on where you are, and when – making it the ultimate insider’s guide to Halifax. Learn about HPX hidden treasures, artists in the festival, hear messages from community partners, and more. X-AUDIO gives musicophiles the chance to discover the best music HPX 25 has to offer, all in one place.

Like what you hear? Long press the play button to get links relevant to what you’re hearing.

If you can’t wait for HPX to start, don’t forget to Shout Out!