Healthy Living | The Advantages of Packing your own Lunch

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Hello everyone and happy Monday! I was pleased to see some big upsets in the NFL last night (Cleveland beating Atlanta, and Tennessee upsetting New England), it reminds us that the little guy can take down the giants too. You may be wondering the strategies they used to win against these teams. Well, their preparation starts with a healthy packed lunch.

The healthy tip of the week is: Packing a lunch is an easy and affordable way to eat lunch during the work day, while also giving you the control on what goes in your lunch bag. Fill it with things that make you feel healthy and energized such as fruits, veggies, or recipes from the Lixar cookbook. For those wondering the cookbook, full of healthy employee-provided recipes is set to be released in December.

The Lixar cookbook will include healthy, easy to make recipes from folks at the office that want to share their favourite healthy. The goal is to make a healthy cookbook from all the different cultures here at Lixar

Now you may be wondering why you should be packing a lunch for work when you can just go out for lunch and buy something. When you go out you may not always know what type of recipes are being used to prepare your food. Knowing what is in your lunch is an obvious benefit. Another advantage of packing a lunch is to use the leftovers from home reducing the amount of potential waste. By packing a lunch you can also control the portion size, allowing yourself to feel full. Portions also ensure you don’t overeat or spend on lunch.

Here are some healthy lunches to try before the Lixar cookbook comes out:

| BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) with almonds and fruits
With two types of proteins and a variety of vegetables you will will feel energized and positive for the rest of the day.
| Spicy Chicken with rice and beans
This quick, easy, delicious meal is versatile features a variety of food groups that your body will thank you later for
| Taco Tuesday
This is a perfect opportunity to use leftover meats and healthy veggies from the night before as a portion controlled lunch