Friday Five

Here’s today’s top five:

What the Edge Cloud Means for the Future of IoT

Yiannis Giokas is an expert in cyber security, analytics, and telecom. He talks about the future of IoT; what the “edge” is, and the potholes on the road to implementing IoT.

Ravens partner with tech company will practice vs. holographic players

The Baltimore Ravens have signed a one-year contract with a technology firm that specializes in virtual and augmented reality. The goal is to create a safer environment for players and increase mental preparedness by practicing against a life-sized holographic version of teams.

What the airport of the future will look like

The common headaches of airport travel such as queues, security screens, snack vendors, and gate-waiting will become a distant memory. AI and IoT will let passengers enjoy and a personalized stress-free environment .“Your fingerprint, iris or face will become the only ID you’ll need for any number of transactions throughout a given day,” said Gil West, Delta’s chief operating officer.

Another bid to close the rural digital divide

A deepening divide with accessibility to “essential” service in the modern society between rural and urban environments. On June 10th, Microsoft announced one of the plans to connect 2 million people to broadband in rural America by 2022 using TV white spaces.

German government set up diesel summit with auto bosses

The CEOs of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Daimler, Ford’s German branch, and Opel are meeting to discuss the current landscape of the auto industry with governments officials from areas affected by nitrogen oxide emissions.