Friday Five

Friday Five

Good morning and Happy Friday! The sun is out and the birds are chirping – about the playoffs! Teams from the NHL and NBA are soaring to new levels as their championships wrap up. Much like these teams, the Lixar team hopes to inspire you this week – so let’s take flight into this week’s top tech updates!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s just a regular guy, going home from work? Uber is planning to take the next step in passenger travel with Uber elevate. The company plans to release a fleet of fully-electronic small aircrafts that will take off and land vertically. As small drones continue to mature and Uber continues to improve its battery, this once childhood dream to see flying cars roaming the skies has intentions of being set out in a few years.

Flying drones near restricted areas and could soon be thing of the past. Droneshield has begun launching products to authorized personnel in attempts to combat flying drones that could release protected visual content. These new anti drone technologies can be used to protect national parks, music festivals, and live sporting events. Droneshield has already made a presence at the Olympics and most recently over NASCAR racetrack, Texas Motor Speedway. These “guns” use UAV signal scramblers to force drones out of the sky, preventing stray dones from interrupting a sporting match, from injuring someone, and in case of NASCAR it could be used to avoid the chance of a major accident.

When hailing a ride, many turn to Uber. Looking for a place to stay? Airbnb has become a staple in the hospitality industry. Both of these services disrupt their respective industries providing consumers with a quick, convenient, and innovative resource to get the service they need. But what’s the Uber or Airbnb for data storage? Storj Labs is looking to become the disruptive force in decentralized cloud storage. Storj Labs goal is to become the Airbnb of the industry, the company has brought together a large network spare storage capacities that are safe cheap and low risk to use.

Sports fans around the world know the feeling of creating that dream squad in a fantasy league. However the difference in registration is vastly different between casual offline leagues, and online fantasy leagues. When registering for an online league websites seem to ask for personal and often sensitive information such as credit card numbers, and other personal info. Luckily change is on the way – two blockchain based companies are aiming to target the FanDuel and DraftKings. By using blockchain technology it ensures that personal information is safely stored and the payment process is completed with efficiently. As blockchain continues to grow in popularity, it seems like the ideal tool to clean up an industry payment system.

How do you give an AI a bone? Researchers are beginning to teach learning machines how to identify objects, and recognize facial expressions. AI has modeled humans and begun learning the complexity of human interactions. So how hard could it be to simulate and create a dog-modelled AI? At the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI a very good girl has been the focus of a study where visual data is tracked through the motion, and actions that a dog takes in different environment. The goal behind this idea is to act as a catalyst for further understanding of visual intelligence of beings that inhabit earth.