Friday Five

Two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks! Happy Friday Folks, I hope everyone is feeling fine on this sunny day. Did you know by holding a smile or laughing for 30 seconds consecutively can influence you to change your mood to happy no matter you’re previous mood? I hope my dad joke at the beginning of the post did that for you, if not then here are some tech articles will put a smile on your face.

Some drones may be small, but they play a big role in the future of air transportation. As innovative solutions continue to create opportunity for faster and cheaper deliveries, new technology must be used. The US government has approved 10 pilot programs that will allow for companies to use drones to deliver a goods and services between locations. Nevada startup Flirtey will use the UAVs to deliver medical supplies within the state, or track mosquitos in Florida. The new acceptance for the 10 programs allow for growth and further innovation within the transport industry.

Safety first! That’s what my mom would tell me as I left the house. With that in mind, it seems like she might want me driving the new Volkswagen Touareg. The company has upped their safety game, adding thermal imaging to its headlights to assist the driver with better night vision. The system uses infrared cameras to pick up heat signatures on the road that may not be in the drivers field of vision, while simultaneously work with other safety features within the vehicle. With the safety innovations being made to new vehicles, drivers and road-crossing animals alike will be happy that there will be less night time accidents from lack of vision.

Deciding who will pay for lunch has always been a difficult task – is it easier to split it multiple ways or to take one bill and pay your friend later? Sending e-transfers has become the method of choice when it comes to sending money between friends, the problem is its lack of speed and immediacy. Monzo, a UK based company has made e-transfers frictionless through the use of bluetooth. The app allows the user to see all other nearby users that are currently in the app, providing them with a payment link that skips the add contact process. It is now simple as sending a bluetooth message.

Predicting the results of the Kentucky Derby correctly has the probability of one in roughly quintillion, or 2.4 X 10^18. It seems impossible that anyone would be able to achieve success at choosing the winners in the order they finish. But not so fast – tech startup AI Certain Inc. has developed a new AI technology that uses deep learning neural networks to do just that. The company wants to begin implementing this technology to help both teams and people bet on the outcome of events. While they are still developing their model, they are not far from success if they can continue to make correct predictions on sporting events.

Friday Favourite

Those who have ever wanted the superpower of invisibility may get their wish sooner than later. Researchers out of the Pennsylvania State University have created a real cloaking device that moves sound waves around an object, making it invisible to sensing techniques like sonar. The object may not actually become invisible to the eye, but the technology is in its early phases and we could see some drastic improvements in the near future.