BDO Rethink Virtual Conference
10:30 to 17:00 - November 24, 2020
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Throughout COVID-19, many businesses realized they weren’t quite ready for a digital transformation. Now is the time to reassess business models to identify new revenue streams, decrease or manage costs effectively, consider current and potentially new technology, so that businesses can transform to build resilience and reach their growth potential.
Register now for BDO’s Rethink Virtual Conference, a unique and exciting event for mid-market business owners and executives from the M&D, technology, retail, real estate, and private equity sectors. You will hear business leaders, data scientists, researchers, and industry experts discuss how to leverage opportunities during these challenging times. There will be individual sessions that focus on specific industries including manufacturing, technology & life sciences, retail & consumer business and real estate & construction. Click here to learn more about the plenary and breakout sessions.