Introducing O-Audio, Powered by LWAYVE

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What if you could free your eyes from your phone, and still learn about all the exciting, interesting things around you?

Introducing LWAYVE, a contextual, curated audio assistant. LWAYVE augments your event experience by giving recommendations based on physical location and time; all without having to look at your phone. No matter where you are, you’re always in the right place at the right time with LWAYVE.

Lixar is thrilled to be a Technical Partner of the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (August 4th to 6th), and to be launching O-Audio powered by LWAYVE in the Osheaga App.

Festival-goers will be able to receive real-time audio updates about events, and learn where the best spots are in Montreal; as well as listening to music, and curated artist info 一 all by freeing their eyes and pushing play.

Watch the video to learn more about LWAYVE




Discover with O-Audio powered by LWAYVE via the Osheaga app, available on Android &