Lixar Takes Blockchain and AI Coast to Coast

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The nation is buzzing with excitement! Blockchain… Cryptocurrency… Artificial intelligence… Can you hear it? Sure, these may seem like hot buzzwords right now, but don’t you want to know what it’s really all about?

In the first few weeks of February, we met with over 60 decision makers, executives and community leaders in Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal, all wanting to learn more about the opportunities that these technologies present.

Lixar Takes Blockchain and Ai Coast to Coast

Blockchain is a relatively new technology, developing more and more each day, and we find this absolutely thrilling. This is why we’ve embarked on a six-city roadshow to open up the conversation on blockchain and artificial intelligence. By providing some real-life examples, we’re aiming to shed some light on the topic, make it less daunting and show you how these technologies can help your industry.

Blockchain is a permanent ledger consisting of all the transactions that have occured, each of which is secured by a mathematical problem that guarantees the transactions’ and parties’ legitimacy.

What you need to know right now is that blockchain:

  1. is open;
  2. is transparent;
  3. is decentralized; and
  4. consists of a series of immutable transactions.

By dispersing the trust amongst all participants involved, blockchain has the potential to truly transform your business.

If you’re in the west, join the conversation!

We’d love to do a deeper dive into the subject with you, so please join us for the second part of our roadshow, from February 26 to March 2, as we go west to Regina, Calgary, and Vancouver for our blockchain events and technical sessions, where we will discuss how these solutions can directly be applied to your industry.

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Blockchain and AI: Lixar Goes West to Regina, Calgary and Vancouver