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Lixar IT announced as Title Sponsor of MEGAPHONO

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January 17, Ottawa – Lixar IT announced as Title Sponsor of MEGAPHONO; launch Artist Retreat

Lixar and the MEGAPHONO music showcase festival have joined forces to promote emerging music artists and bands in Ottawa-Gatineau. The third edition of MEGAPHONO will be celebrated around the city February 1-3 in a series of shows and networking activities, bringing music industry leaders to the Nation’s Capital to experience the city’s vibrant music scene.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Lixar as our festival’s title sponsor and work together on the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat,” said MEGAPHONO’s Director Jon Bartlett. “When you walk into Lixar, you immediately get the sense that this is a company that is passionate about music and spreading the word about our scene, and we’re very excited to embark on this journey with them.”

This year, Lixar and MEGAPHONO have teamed up to launch a new, innovative program called the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat. One local showcasing band will be selected for the program: a 3-day artist retreat at Port William Sound in Mountain Grove, ON. How to qualify? The band must play with heart during the festival. A selection committee composed of visiting delegates, Lixar and anonymous representatives will be watching the performances.

“Lixar is proud to present the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat,” said Bill Syrros, Lixar CEO, “Creating a space where artists can concentrate, write, record or learn more about the business side of the music industry is an incredible opportunity. Lixar is thrilled to play a part in supporting the local music community and helping to move music careers forward.”

Watch the video for a snap-shot of the Lixar presents MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat experience.

Beyond the MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat, Lixar will be presenting three showcases at this year’s festival. On February 2, Lixar will be presenting New Swears, Partner, and I.D.A.L.G. at Barrymore’s, as well as Bry Webb, Pony Girl and Trails at St. Alban’s. On February 3rd, Lixar will present Tough Age, Man Made Hill and Petra Glynt at House of Targ.

Lixar is also honoured to present Juno nominee Kalle Mattson at the Lixar HQ on Feb 1.

Buy a pass and enjoy the fun!

Lixar presents: The MEGAPHONO Artist Retreat:

About Lixar: Lixar is a leader in mobile transportation technology in Air, Auto and Telco industry sectors. Lixar creates enterprise-level connected product platforms and mobile-to-everything software solutions; specializing in innovation that leverages mobile, data science, IoT, and cloud. @LixarIT

About MEGAPHONO: MEGAPHONO is a 3 day music festival which celebrates Ottawa-Gatineau and Eastern Ontario music. During the festival, International music industry leaders are welcomed to the city to share in the emerging music scene. The unique combination of industry conference, music showcases and city experience makes MEGAPHONO a music festival not to be missed.