Lixar Wins Microsoft’s AI Innovation Award

Lixar News

July 15, 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada – Lixar wins Microsoft’s AI Innovation Award. 

Announced at Microsoft Inspire, the Impact award honoured Lixar for using the power of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive insights to help their customers optimize operations, drive innovation, and deliver real value.

Lixar’s work delivering practical AI results and actionable outcomes in the public and private sectors took the stage on Sunday evening. Microsoft recognized the solutions Lixar has developed for clients like the Treasury Board Secretariat and Transport Canada, as well as clients in manufacturing and oil & gas, as some of the most exciting and forward-thinking applications of AI in the past year. 

“At Lixar, we believe there’s a path to AI — we call it the ‘Hero Path’. By combining Microsoft technology and Lixar’s AI and Data expertise, we are helping our customers transform. AI and Data are providing insights, efficiencies and optimization in ways never before possible. This is real impact. For me, there is no better experience than to provide the right guidance and tools that help our clients succeed in an accelerated way.” George Logaras, Strategic Partnerships, Lixar.

Lixar is built on 20 years of enterprise-scale experience in software development, connected solutions and cloud computing and is honored to once again be recognized by Microsoft as one of their top technology partners. 

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