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Lixar is extremely pleased to be shortlisted for two Microsoft IMPACT Awards; the first in Data and Advanced Analytics, the second in IoT Innovation. The awards will be presented at next week’s Microsoft Inspire Conference in Washington DC (July 9th to 13th) and will be presented to a company that showcased excellence and innovation within the Canadian Partner community.

We’re all about creating solutions for clients within the realms of mobile, data science, IoT, and cloud. But what does this mean? These practices may seem completely different but when distinct teams come together armed with the right tools, they allow for tailored and effective solutions. By simplifying usability, our robust solutions leverage Microsoft Azure and Power BI to push digital transformation with seamless integration.

Digital transformation is all about continuous change, and leveraging technology to make businesses and their customers more resilient, adaptive, and agile in the long-term. It allows users to be empowered with more freedom; providing numerous digital options and fewer constraints. Each business is unique and requires continuous assessment of goals and expected outcomes; walking the line between what customers expect and what can be delivered. Microsoft Azure and Power BI allow us to monitor and improve products, services, and more based on a client’s endgame.

Take NASCAR, for example. All about speed, they were looking for a way to quicken their VIP credentialing system without needing to wave the yellow flag. They knew it was time for a digital transformation and they came to us for a product that was seamless, integrated, and customer-friendly. The result was a Lixar-made solution that can process thousands of VIP check-ins in record time. Thanks to Lixar’s use of Microsoft Azure, NASCAR’s expectations were exceeded; letting the green flag fly.

Resolving problems for our clients is the goal. We always ask, “What if you could predict obstacles before they happen?”

For our air customers, we know every minute a plane is on the ground costs money. Lixar helps transform commercial air by gaining valuable operational insights and translating them into concrete, measurable results using data, Microsoft Azure’s Event Hub, and Stream Analytics.

With these tools, billions of individual events can be used to put data to work from one or many sources of information. Events such as ‘passenger Smith has checked in at Gate 2,’ or ‘flight number 613 has taken off’ may seem small on their own, but in larger volumes they can be critical to understanding where problems lie. How? By using machine learning to automate processes. By making passenger experiences more personalized to ensure comfort and peace of mind with a Power BI dashboard that filters based on user type. Our machine learning and AI practice ensure that critical issues and risks are taken care of proactively 一 rather than reactively 一 and can even expand into the world of IoT.

Delphi Connect was the first aftermarket connected car product. By using a OBD-II IoT device that communicates with Microsoft Azure and leverages Azure Service Fabric, end users can understand crucial details about their car in near real-time. By making connected cars more accessible using the internet of things, we helped Delphi bridge the gap between yesterday and today, and prepare consumers for what they have in store for the future.

Keeping Innovation at the Edge

Part of coming up with new IP has a lot to do with pushing innovation to the edge. A number of our best solutions began with a desire to not only create what a client is asking for, but to collaborate and share new approaches, ideas, and outlooks.

ProxSee™, our proximity awareness platform, was created this way. After it’s integrated into a mobile application using our SDK, end-users receive notifications based on location and time of day. Notifications can be pushed based on time, place, situation, and more. Mutually beneficial, businesses can gain operational insights about how to manage foot traffic, or even most determine popular areas in a venue based on time of day.

A one-stop-shop for curated enterprise-level solutions, Lixar uses Microsoft Azure and Power BI to address issues with businesses efficiently, effectively, and proactively. A proud Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in Cloud Platform, Application Development, and Data Analytics, we’re always looking for new ways to leverage Microsoft products and services to push the envelope of what is possible.


Catch Lixar President and CFO Emmanuel Florakas on the rapid-fire IMPACT Panel this Sunday July 9th

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