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Microsoft Cloud Meetup on Nov 12!

Lixar, a Microsoft Development & Cloud Solution Partner, is pleased to host a Microsoft Community Meetup on November 12, 2015 at Lixar’s new #EastboroTech office.



Where: 373 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON

When: November 12, 2015, 6:30-8:30 pm

Who should attend: Microsoft partner organizations and members, medium and enterprise level businesses, intermediate and senior developers, decision makers in infrastructure, management and executive management who are interested in learning more about cloud solutions, secure & non-disruptive migrations, and PAAS (Platform as a Service) Cloud offerings.[/red_box]

Tech-Talk Topics

|  Redis Cache
|  App Insight
|  Azure Comm

Detailed Agenda

|  6:30 – Welcome and Introduction by Emmanuel Florakas, Lixar President
|  6:45 – Application Insights by Franc Boucher, Microsoft MVP
|  7:15 – Microsoft Azure Redis Cache, Marc Dugas, Lixar Technical Prime, 10+ years leveraging Microsoft Technology
|  8:00 – Open floor conversation, local refreshments and snacks


Marc Dugas, Lixar Tech Prime, Microsoft Cloud

Marc Dugas,
Lixar Tech Prime, Microsoft Cloud

Franc Boucher, Microsoft MVP

Franc Boucher,
Microsoft MVP


About Lixar

Lixar, a Microsoft Development Partner, delivered one of Microsoft’s largest Cloud deployments with over 100,000 drivers and fleets using a mobile connected-car cloud product.  The solution is used in North America and Asia.

Lixar Cloud Focus

Migration and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. Lixar is driven to deliver excellence through seamless cloud solution deployment regardless of the system’s level of complexity. Lixar understands the importance of scalability, dependability, security, redundancy, connectivity, business growth and cost savings.

Azure Data Centres

Lixar welcomes Microsoft’s new commercial cloud service data centres to Canada. Azure is the fastest growing platform – showcasing Canadian interest to realize cost savings and the flexibility of the cloud from a local deployment location.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a worldwide leader in solutions that help businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft Canada is headquartered in Mississauga.

To attend

50 tech friends and fans are invited to attend the November 12 Microsoft Meet Up at Lixar.  Please RSVP via Ottawa IT Community Meetup or contact

Common questions

|  Why the Azure Cloud maters?

|  How do I migrate my assets and data to a new environment?

|  How do I leverage the cloud to increase growth, redundancy, scalability, and accessibility?

|  How do I decrease costs through reduced capital costs and increased elasticity?



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