New Office

Working under the Radar

Shelley Fraser News

Lixar’s been working under the radar since CES 2015 with little communication on facebook, twitter, and linkedin … let alone the website.

Yes, it probably sounds strange coming from a business to say that you are laying low and not promoting your mobile platform and software solution successes actively but there was good reason.

Lixar teams took their energy and focused on creating a space that the Lixar family, clients and friends would be proud of experiencing.

Lixar found a new space that was for all intents and purposes neglected.

[center]construction construction[/center]

But it had “something” … call it promise, possibility, space, the ability to move, breathe and connect. A place to feel welcome, comfortable and productive in an environment of “warm-tech” where quality development matters and relationships are valued.

[center]New Office[/center]

In 7 months, the team transformed 373 into something beautiful … a place where we can move and be moved, can create and appreciate the creative, can innovate and be innovative.

Lixar welcomes you to the new Lixar Mobile Warehouse.



[center styles=”max-width: 600px; margin: 20px auto;”]For media visits or to stop by the Lixar Mobile Warehouse, please contact Shelley Fraser, Director, Communications:[/center]