Lixar Community Partner: Maddy Mackenzie

Geoff Aucoin Podcast

It’s the beginning of a new year – an excellent time to take stock of what matters most, and set goals and aspirations for the coming months. That’s why, in this podcast, we sit down with one of our Lixar community partners – someone we feel embodies some of the values we hold, and a real-life example of doing good things and making life easier for others.

We chat with Maddy Mackenzie, the healthy living ambassador here at Lixar. Her role in the Lixar community is to promote healthy living habits, an integral part of performing at your best and giving back to your community. She’s an aspiring Olympic athlete and an active member of her community of Chelsea, QC. In the first segment, we chat about giving back, staying healthy in the winter months, and setting goals for 2019. You can visit Maddy’s website here.

Here’s wishing the best for our partners and community in 2019!

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