Ethical AI with John Weigelt, Microsoft

Geoff Aucoin Podcast

In this exciting episode of the Lixar Podcast, we sit down with John Weigelt, National Technology Officer and AI expert at Microsoft Canada. We’re joined by Jim Provost, lead data scientist at Lixar, to unpack what AI truly means for our society and how we can work together to see it used responsibly.

We tackle some misinformed speculation around AI, highlight what people need to pay attention to, lay out principles of ethical AI, and outline what people can do to participate in the conversation.

On February 20th 2019, we’re holding a forum on Ethical AI in Ottawa and Halifax to help demystify the term further and unpack what AI could mean for the world at large. Nuzio Ruffolo, National AI Officer for Microsoft will be speaking in Ottawa. Lixar’s own Jonny Stevens, who is shaping global AI standards through the CIO Strategy Council, will be speaking in Halifax. It promises to be a fascinating discussion and we hope to see you there.

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