Adapt Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

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Adapting is a way of moving forward, of advancing, and of positively adjusting to new circumstances. Adaptability is therefore a benchmark for success, and we have seen this demonstrated time and time again in recent months. 

2020 has been a year unlike any other. There have been many losses, as well as some wins. We’ve learned a lot, and translated these lessons into new ways to connect, communicate, work, and support each other. This includes ways to support our loved ones, communities, and businesses. In short, we’ve learned that humans are capable of adapting; perhaps more quickly and more effectively than ever before. To help protect our front line workers and keep our communities safe, many of us hunkered down and began working from home. As straightforward as this may sound, the reality is that the move to remote work has been easier for some businesses than for others. Companies that had already embraced cloud and data technologies, with flexible infrastructure and a forward-thinking mindset, were better prepared to pivot. Others needed to react quickly, adapting on the fly. But with the right support, they were able to take on their new normal.

The more adaptable a business is, the more safeguarded it is for the future. This is especially true when we face challenges as unexpected as were those we’ve been up against for the last year. The key to weathering any storm is adaptability. When we are open to adapting to new circumstances, curveballs and all, we can adopt the right technology we need to not only sustain, but to grow.

Simply put, being adaptable means being prepared for today, and tomorrow.

Ready to Adapt? Technology Can Help

New technologies have always been key to helping societies move forward in positive and sustainable ways. From the wheel, to the telephone, to video conferencing and cloud computing; technology helps us connect, communicate, and share. Today, a number of data-driven technologies mean we can also learn from the past, better understand the present, and predict the future. In a time where everything feels uncertain, this is incredibly valuable. 

If you’re ready to adapt, you’re ready to explore some of the ways that technology can help. 

Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that adapting businesses all across the data maturity scale have been turning to in these unprecedented times.

Cloud & Application Development

Cloud and Application Development are foundational ways to modernize how you work and better position you in current and future markets. App modernization, for example, allows you to do more with less, by refactoring, repurposing, or consolidating legacy programming to better align with changing business needs and create new business value from existing applications. Whether you are looking to leverage business apps, end user-facing apps, or both, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud and developing cloud-based applications offers real-world benefits. Bring down operational costs; increase security; and ensure your users and customers can easily connect with your products and services, from anywhere, anytime. 

Cloud and AppDev are essential when it comes to adaptability. With increased scalability, flexibility, and security, you can quickly and safely pivot to any changing situation, at the drop of a hat. Moreover, your clients will have reliable service that meets, and exceeds, expectations for how we engage in these times. Advanced data analytics, AI, personalized user experiences — it all starts with professional Cloud and AppDev solutions.

Data & AI

Data and Artificial Intelligence are not buzzwords or trends, they are the reality of modern technology. Immense amounts of data are being collected every day, but it’s what we can do with that data that is truly valuable. Being data-driven means being evidence-based, so that you can trust that you are always moving in the right direction. It means being able to test outcomes, make predictions, and drive innovation. From automation to AI, these technologies help people live better, work better, and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Data & AI allows us to adapt, not just in theory, but in practice. They offer answers to difficult questions and solutions to complex problems. In a time when so much seems uncertain, data and AI allow us to make accurate predictions about what’s to come. At Lixar, we’ve developed an AI-driven economic predictor that uses 130 data sources to forecast recovery and growth in post-pandemic markets, across various industries. This is a demonstrated example of how data, when used correctly, provides insights that can help us adapt to changing circumstances with confidence. 

HeroPath | A Modern Data Platform

HeroPath is Lixar’s award-winning modern data platform, designed to turn data into insights, fast, no matter where you are on the data maturity scale. It is a scalable and flexible, end-to end solution,  hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Fueled by best-in-class components, such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, it uses a unique three stage approach: 1) Ingest the right data at the right time; 2) Transform it into meaningful insights; 3) Engage users through interactive visualizations. 

Built on 20+ years of experience, our accelerated infrastructure means that clients have the insights they need in a matter of weeks. Our HeroPath solution drives data and AI solutions that allow organizations within any industry to adapt, innovate, recover and grow. Using HeroPath, we have worked with clients in the public and private sectors, from coast to coast, to adapt to everything from changing compliance regulations to evolving business needs.

Wherever you are on your data journey, whether you are just starting out with little to no analytics experience, or seeking more advanced analytics and AI, HeroPath is a quick and effective solution. We have deployed in multiple sectors, solving a wide array of business challenges, including leveraging IoT sensors for real-time insights, asset optimization, reduced operational costs, and AI and  predictive analytics. The significance of HeroPath as a lighter, more scalable solution for future growth is highlighted by our win of Microsoft’s 2020 Data Platform Award.

If you’d like to learn more about what HeroPath can do for you, we’d love to start a conversation.


In today’s uniquely remote landscape, Lixar recognizes the importance of helping our clients adapt, adopt, and grow. The first step is to adapt to the current situation —  assess what has changed, what still works, and what doesn’t. Decide where you want to be, and ask yourself what’s holding you back. Technology is key: what tools do you need to adopt to not only better adapt today, but to take on tomorrow? If you adopt the right technology at the right time, you allow yourself the opportunity to grow as you enter 2021, prepared.  

But the only way to get the right answers, is to ask the right questions. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Reach out to our experts when you’re ready to talk and we’ll help you determine where you’re at, and what you need. Whether you are in the early stages and need help building a plan, or if you are more advanced and looking for help implementing your solutions, we’re here for you.

Let’s leverage the lessons we’ve learned and put this new knowledge into actionable results for 2021 and beyond.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog exploring how to adopt the right technology for your business.

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