AI Helps Businesses Manage Resources and Time

Lixar Tech

It’s All About Efficiency

Managing resources and time effectively is essential to the success of any business. It follows that redundant, manual tasks are always a problem when trying to make workflows more efficient. Consider the many hours spent on manual scheduling, for anything from shift work to daily tasks or goals. Or the long hours spent pouring over spreadsheets, searching for information or manually analyzing correlations. 

These are tasks that can and should rely on data alone. Automation allows people to do their jobs, making better overall use of resources and time. Not only can certain tasks be accomplished more quickly when automated, but leveraging AI to do so leads to data-driven decision-making that will help your business thrive.

Make AI Work for You

At Lixar, we believe in a human-in-the-loop approach to AI, which means we explore ways in which AI can help people accomplish important tasks. When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently, this goes a long way. AI is a forward-thinking way to optimize your business, and Lixar has worked with several clients to develop solutions that do just that. The following use case demonstrates this.

Managing Service Techs and Service Windows 

Lixar was approached by a telecommunications company that was looking to optimize their service technician dispatching process. At the time, the company allocated four-hour service windows and service techs were dispatched based solely on proximity, which meant they didn’t always have the necessary skills to complete the task. This would lead to lost revenue and time. The company’s goal was to implement a solution that would increase revenue, and decrease the service window. Ultimately, a better way to manage resources (service techs) and time (service windows) was necessary.

To solve these challenges, Lixar is moving the dispatching process towards automation and AI. By ingesting external data, we can optimize scheduling, taking into account any factors that may inhibit a tech’s ability to perform the work (skill set) or get to the location within a certain timeframe (proximity, weather, traffic, etc). This means, for each service call, the company will be sending the best resource for the job, who can complete the task in the least amount of time. Furthermore, by automating this process, dispatchers will be freed up to focus on other tasks for overall increased efficiency and cost savings.


There are many ways that AI can help businesses manage resources and time, all of which leads to more efficient processes, decreased operating costs and, in turn, increased revenue. Leveraging AI is a forward-thinking way to help people do their jobs and to increase revenue: saving time and money, without sacrificing quality of work, inevitably leads to greater fiscal success. AI can help you get there.

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