Changing the Passenger Experience

Passengers are the reason why airlines fly, and the reason why the lights are kept on. So how do you win them over in a highly competitive market where only the best and most innovative stay on top?

Driving innovation requires airlines to think of passengers first. While success can be defined in many ways such as ticket sales, daily flights, and more; an airline destined to succeed will operate under the premise, “If we’re not innovating, someone else ultimately will.” Innovation needs to be focused on what matters to passengers, and the little things that make their travel experiences valuable.

Picture being able to guide individual passengers along every part of their journey, starting from the second they purchase their tickets to the time they return home. By using the diverse resources made abundant by device connectivity, and combining it with real-time, relevant information, airlines not only have the opportunity to alleviate the stress placed on travellers, but the stress placed their business. Rather than having limited interactions, airlines can build long-lasting relationships.


Boarding Pass
Boarding Pass & Personalized Updates

Kiosk & Baggage Tracking

Pathway Insights & Notifications

Pre-During-Post Destination Deals & Attractions

Imagine you’re about to leave for the airport for your return trip home. You’re jet lagged and unfamiliar with the city you’re in. As you’re on the way out the door, the airline you’re travelling with sends a notification to your phone stating your flight is delayed by three hours. Suddenly you have time to get breakfast, stretch your legs, and maybe stop by the beach one last time instead of waiting in lines, or sitting at the gate.

Before you even feel hungry, you pay for your on-board purchases using your phone, and have them delivered straight to your seat an hour later 一 no cash exchange needed.

When you arrive, your phone has your boarding pass ready. No need to worry about luggage tags because they’re already printed; simply drop off your pre-checked luggage instead.

You reach your destination, a notification on your phone tells you how long it will be until your luggage is unloaded, and where to pick it up. With minimal stress, you’ve arrived home.


Air Innovations

End-to-End Software Solutions for Passenger Experience
Cabin & Crew Automation | Operational Optimization



| Connected Mobile Ecosystem
| Customer Apps
| Personalized Experience
| Cabin & Crew Automation
| Documentation & Reporting
| Maintenance



| Data Visualization
| Data Structuring & Data Lakes
| Predictive Forecasting
| Advanced Analytics
| Science Algorithms
| Machine Learning & AI



| Passenger Pathways
| ProxSee Platform
| Proximity Awareness
| Connected Platforms
| Personalized Relevance
| Contextual Information

No longer a pipe dream, the technology to make this happen is readily available. At the heart of making this all happen is mobile technology. When placed in the hands of pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and more, mobile devices are helping make airlines more efficient. Applications can be customized to suit the individual needs to various teams, so they’re connected with what they need to know.

By adding sensors into the operational mix, airlines can take advantage of data and leverage data visualizations, advanced analytics, and machine learning. These have been proven to be valuable tools that can optimize tails swaps, fleet maintenance schedules, and even route planning.

Lixar loves to work with partners who want to be innovative. We are currently working with airlines in Canada, the United States, and Europe to create innovative end-to-end connected air products for cabin-crew-consumer-maintenance, and push the envelope of what is possible.

Jonny Stevens, Lixar’s Business Development Manager for Data Science and Aviation, will be attending APEX Expo 2017 (Sept. 25th-28th) in Long Beach. APEX is the aviation industry’s largest PaxEx event, sharing the latest innovations related to airline technology, products, and services. It attracts more than 3000 industry experts from nearly 100 airlines and industry providers from around the globe.

If you want to talk Mobile, IoT, Data Science, and Cloud technology and how it can transform the airline passenger experience, contact him via, or connect with him on LinkedIn.



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