Cloud & Modernization | Adopting a Holistic Approach to Modernize Your Organization

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Modernization | Adopting a Strong Cloud Strategy

Over the last decade, cloud computing has become more and more  integral to how organizations function. And in today’s increasingly data-driven and remote landscape, it’s fair to say that being in the cloud is not only common, but necessary for accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

Traditionally, cloud migration has been seen as a required step for digital transformation. Organizations across various industries have eagerly taken on lift and shift projects to streamline processes, cut costs, and increase security. Often, this has meant a piece-by-piece transformation that lacks the coordination needed to truly modernize in a way that considers not only current needs and challenges, but scalability and adaptability for the future.

Modernization is about future-proofing your organization by building a roadmap that takes a holistic approach to your cloud strategy to help you remain relevant and allow you to grow in today’s reality. From gaining deeper insights through data modernization, to creating new business value from existing applications through app modernization, it all begins with adopting the right cloud technologies.

But how do you know what cloud technologies are right for you? It’s all about understanding your current ecosystem and  challenges, and rebuilding a better way to operate. 

These days, the simple lift and shift migration has largely fallen out of favour, as CIOs increasingly recognize the benefits of leveraging a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) approach, and its potential to empower their  organizations to truly modernize.

PaaS | A Holistic Approach

PaaS is a secure and complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable organizations to fully leverage the benefits of cloud, application development (AppDev), data and AI. It includes the usual infrastructure (servers, storage, and networking), but also offers middleware, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems, and more. As such, PaaS supports the entire web app life cycle (building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating), so that you can focus on delivering on your organization’s outcomes and KPIs. Moreover, because resources are purchased as needed on a pay-as-you-go basis, PaaS is a highly flexible and adaptable approach to modernization. 

In leveraging a PaaS solution, you will be better equipped to:

  • Turn data into meaningful insights that will allow you to make better decisions, improve forecasting, and drive innovation
  • Develop customized, cloud-based apps more easily and with less coding
  • Optimize assets, schedules, and workflows
  • Enhance security

HeroPath & Our Unique Approach

Lixar has been a leader in cloud technology since its inception, having spent 20+ years helping organizations from coast to coast, and beyond, modernize through the cloud. Today, our Microsoft Azure expertise allows us to be a strategic partner, not only quickly and seamlessly migrating critical backend systems and infrastructure, but giving our clients a true cloud modernization experience with a PaaS approach.

Our HeroPath offering is a scalable and flexible, end-to end, modern data platform, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. It is fueled by customizable, best-in-class components that suit your specific needs, such as Data Lake, Databricks, and Synapse. Designed to ingest the right data at the right time, transform it into meaningful insights, and engage you through interactive visualization dashboards using tools such as Power BI, HeroPath is a unique approach to modernization. Our Azure expertise and extensive data science practice enables accelerated infrastructure that can be stood up in just a matter of days, so you can modernize how you work quickly, and efficiently.

In Action | Cloud Modernization in the Public Sector

Within the public sector, cloud modernization is essential to increasing security, increasing efficiency, and decreasing costs, all of which are imperative to enabling governments to better serve their citizens.

One example of this is the work Lixar did with Transport Canada. As the federal government department responsible for regulating and monitoring the safety, security and efficiency of Canada’s national transportation network, Transport Canada required a way to improve risk assessment and mitigation management for its Pre-load Air Cargo Targeting (PACT) team. Like many organizations, to do their jobs, PACT had been relying on traditional, manual methods of analyzing large quantities of data. This was both time consuming and labour intensive. They recognized that modernizing the process through automation and AI would be the key factor in enabling the PACT team to work better and more efficiently. After careful consideration, Lixar Fueled by BDO was chosen to guide them through this modernization project.

Leveraging a PaaS approach, Lixar delivered a Screening Platform built on our HeroPath offering. The solution is a secure, cloud-based analytics system that streamlines the entire PACT process. Using modern technologies — cloud, data, AI, and natural language processing (NLP) — the platform is able to collect, analyze, and assess incoming data quickly and efficiently, with results visualized in interactive dashboards. Moreover, the solution includes status updates and drill-down capability for more advanced insights. Knowledge that used to come from reports that could take up to three weeks to complete, is now at the teams’ fingertips in less than a minute.

The solution generated immediate returns for Transport Canada:

  • Saved thousands of work-hours by allowing for timely and proactive analysis of shipment data
  • Leveraged real-time assessments on any shipment data received
  • Allowed for an expanded number of target shipments from more carriers
  • Helped to support its security outcomes and contribute to a safer transportation system for all Canadians


With the right partner to help guide you through your organization’s modernization journey, adopting modern cloud technologies has the ability to either solve one small problem at a time, or many problems at once, depending on what best suits your needs. In either case, it is essential to be thinking about the future, and your ability to adapt and grow in today’s data-driven and highly remote landscape. Whether you are a public institution looking to better serve your community, or a business looking to recover and grow within your market, adopting cloud technologies for a holistic approach to modernization can help get you where you need to be. 

Ready to start your journey? Wondering where to start or how to accelerate? We can help. Start a conversation by reaching out to our experts today, so you can be prepared for tomorrow.

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