Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

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Cloud doesn’t have to be complicated.

You have data, you want to scale, you want redundancy and you want reliability.

Gone are the days where data is housed on a server in the back infrastructure room. There is simply too much data …

Think of your own phone.

How any pictures, emails, and videos do you take and share everyday? Now think of the number of apps and IoT connections to your home, office, vehicle. Think of your lifestyle, on the go, mobile and cloud connected to everything that you do.




Now think of your work environment.

How many staff reports, presentations, ledgers, inventory spreadsheets, management schedules, maintenance reports, fleet schedules, multi-time zone, multi-currency, multi-data point environments exist? Infinite amounts and they are processed at light speed with local and/or global connections (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).




Structured data has moved from a contained ‘gig-like’ environment to an unstructured, growing volume of data now measured in tera-bytes, peta-bytes, and zetta-bytes; data processing at what seems to be the speed of light.

Today’s world of data has changed … and it probably does sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be.




At Lixar we have broken our cloud solutions into four buckets:

Lift and Shift:

Lift and Shift is a first introduction to the cloud.  The value is found in virtualizing your on-site infrastructure:

| Deploy your app to the cloud

| Move to a virtual machine, servers, and services to Azure

| Benefit from discount pricing, use of a robust data centre, enjoy scalability, increased redundancy and reduced risk


Augment and Enhance:

Extend your current capabilities with an Azure cloud tool kit.  The purpose is to optimize your business.

| Auto-scale your application

| Extend and enhance network capabilities with Azure load balancer and Azure traffic manager

| Discover the best cloud solution for your business environment, ie hybrid cloud

| Ability to evaluate your application’s performance


Architect and Accelerate:

Use the cloud to build business robustness and infinite scalability.

| Design and deploy for the cloud

| Zero-downtime deployments

| High availability, scalability and disaster recovery

| Documentation, formal recommendations, applications lifetime management support


Cloud Customization:

Building enterprise-level cloud solutions.

| From start to finish

| Custom development services

| Build and integrate

| Product development expertise

| Solution support


There is a solution for every business regardless of size, scale or level of complexity.

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