Azure and Power BI

Azure & Power BI

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In the ever-changing business environment, there’s been a lot of talk about cloud computing. Questions like, “What is it? Where is it? Is it one small service, or many little services? Does the cloud make sense for my business?”

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a service where data is remotely stored, maintained and backed up; enabling users to access their data via an internet connection. This lets your workforce have access to data, regardless of operating system or device.

So what’s the reason behind the surge in cloud computing?


Local servers may not be worth the substantial initial investment. With technological progression increasing at an exponential rate, physical infrastructure is becoming outdated faster than ever, making it harder for businesses to keep up. With cloud computing, you have access to a service that can handle your business at all stages of its growth process.


Subscription fees give you a predictable cost based on usage, whereas with an in-house server requires you to stress about fees associated with creation, maintenance, and management. Depending on your agreement, it will be proportional to how much bandwidth and storage you are using. When needed, you can support a surge and then drop down to regular usage.


Thanks to triple redundancy, if you happen to lose data accidentally, have a bandwidth surge, or a power outage multiple backups allow you to easily restore previous versions without the need to start from scratch. Disaster recovery is essential, and for a business that may lack the cash flow or expertise, cloud computing offers the perfect solution to keep you in business through the worst.


When your teams can access, edit, and share resources anywhere at any time; it increases collaboration and efficiency. This enables people to work remotely and maintain their work-life balance. Cloud sharing apps and workflows help businesses can give you a full view of current operations in real-time.

When businesses can create and collect all of this data, how can we sift through it and find meaning?

This is where Microsoft Power BI comes in.

Power BI is Microsoft’s business intelligence platform that enables users to make sense of their data and leverage it to communicate complex information using clear visuals. With IoT becoming more prevalent in daily life, there are more sources and methods to collect data than ever before. Using real-time analytics, we can find innovative key performance indicators that assess the condition of your business.

Combining Azure and Power BI

With enhanced data collection from Microsoft Azure, you can spot and leverage changes in your business environment letting you make informed business decisions quickly so you can get back to what you do best.

The cloud is not necessarily an ‘all or nothing’ solution – there are flexible options to suit varied needs. For some businesses, it is important to retain some current in-house infrastructure while having the option to choose which data services best reap the benefits of cloud computing.

What We Do

Lixar is a one-stop-shop for curated enterprise-level solutions, implementing Microsoft Azure and Power BI cloud solutions to work for your business.

We break it down into a 4-Step Process:

Identify the Challenge
Build a Proof of Concept
Deliver a Validated Solution
Continue to Optimize

The Real World

Some real-life examples of how Azure and Power BI have been leveraged in powerful ways include:


Modernize your retention strategy through the cloud by proactively addressing employee and customer churn using powerful predictive analytics tools. Cloud migration can help Human Resources or Customer Service departments answer questions like:

  • How long will it take for a new hire to break even compared to what you spent on train them?
  • How much does each employee generate in revenue?
  • When will they return a profit?
  • Is this customer worth keeping?
  • Will this person respond to any potential retention offers?
  • How much is customer or employee churn costing us?

The answers to these important questions will then give you the basis to move forward, and work on an optimized strategy that can improve retention and reduce churn rates.


As your company grows, you can scale and adjust based on demand without worrying about infrastructure. Integrate the tools you need and keep going: you’ll have access to world-class hardware for a fraction of the price it would cost to implement it yourself. Seasonal rushes won’t take down your site or service; you can keep your peace of mind knowing everything will remain intact.

Make informed, proactive decisions using business intelligence tools that allow you to do things like manage operations, inventory, or determine the bounce rate on your website.

Operations Management

Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite gives you the power to gain insights into what’s going on with your IT infrastructure. Get alerts on any device, and customize them based upon what you need to see, whether it’s security, disaster recovery, or just analytics, you’ll be covered.


Have confidence in your inventory management system that is accessible via any device, and updates in real-time. Cloud solutions can exchange information from software you might already have, point of sale systems or QuickBooks.


Instead of using a mix of legacy systems, switching to the cloud can help make your infrastructure easier to maintain. Instead of spending time troubleshooting device compatibility, a unified cloud solution can contribute to improving and modifying your workflow. Using a private or hybrid cloud, employees can still have access to the cloud locally in the event of an internet outage, keeping you on track.


When paired together, Power BI and Azure give you the power to monitor and react to your data on any device while it’s being created. Versatile enough to use various data sources, it allows for the flexibility to optimize your workflow by harnessing multitasking, sharing, and analytics capabilities.

Learn how the Cloud and Power BI can help your business, contact the team today.