Data, AI, and IoT in the Auto Sector

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AI Is here to stay. 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 82% are expected to implement it in some form in the next two years. Even though this is just the beginning of the AI revolution, the cost benefits and productivity improvements AI can yield are unprecedented.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is machines performing tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence. They assess their environment and take actions that maximize their chance to successfully achieve their goals. Essentially, it entails problem solving and adaptive learning demonstrated by a computer.

Machine Learning is an application of AI that involves a system which regularly takes into account new information and adjusts it’s understanding and actions, building on and learning from any new data it receives. It possesses the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. This is the form of AI that’s most commonly seen and talked about today. Some common use cases for AI and ML include:

– Automation of manual tasks
– Increasing operational efficiency
– Prediction of the future
– Analysis of large amounts of data

As a premiere AI and Data company, we deliver data products and platforms that are fueled by custom algorithms and a dedicated end-to-end data practice: a team consisting of data consultants, architects, engineers, scientists and visualists.

The Benefits of AI

Those who have implemented AI are already beginning to report advantages: 83% of the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies have said that their companies have already achieved substantial benefits.

The AI market will surge from $8B to $47B in 2020

Lixar Applied Solutions have seen…

– 70% reduction of manual labor for a Tier 1 Auto manufacturer
– 99.9% reduced avg data processing time for a government agency
– 17% faster aircraft maintenance times
– 95% accuracy for an AI-Enabled search engine
– 15X increase in safety and security in a government agency

AI a& IoT go Hand in Hand

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and become more prevalent for more and more businesses, AI will grow along with it. The manufacturing industry alone is set to see some of the greatest potential impact from IoT use—as much as $3.7T per year with the value coming from productivity improvements. AI is the natural evolution for all the data IoT produces, because the sheer volume of data ingested by IoT devices is perfect to train AI models.

IoT is the Future

One of the key sectors where IoT is becoming extremely beneficial is in the manufacturing or industrial sector.

The Industrial Internet of Things and AI market is predicted to reach $123B by 2021.
By 2025, factories will see as much as 3.7T per year due to IoT and AI’s productivity improvements.
Businesses could see up to 10-20% energy savings and 10-25% potential improvement in labor efficiency. IoT and AI offer solutions like quicker development to deployment and 100% quality control.


Lixar is a premier AI and Data company that helps clients discover how AI and Data can be leveraged to provide actionable, data-driven outcomes.

At Lixar, you’re not hiring a single person – you’re hiring a team of advisors, engineers, scientists, and visualists who will help you on your data journey. Together, let’s start small while thinking big.

We offer three packages for Auto Industry Players looking to get into the world of data and AI:


Compliment your team with Lixar’s proven industry experience and expertise. We help our auto partners increase their bandwidth and accomplish more in tight timeframes. Embedded in your team, Lixar’s experts accelerate your development cycle and prove quickly for success.


Find the right data solutions for you. Get your data house in order, apply AI, and gain insights and intelligence throughout the data journey. We’ve helped industry-leading OEMs and Tier 1s assess their data inventory, create their data roadmap, and unlock true efficiencies through ML, AI, and Cloud Computing.


You have a great idea, but you need the resources and technical know-how to prove it can work. Collaborate with Lixar’s R&D experts to realize your vision, from proof-of-concept to ready-for-market.


We have proven experience transforming the Auto Industry, delivering production-grade success and award-winning results, including having built an end-to-end, scalable, enterprise-grade automotive solution that has generated millions of data points per day, requiring real-time processing and reporting from over 20,000 production vehicle groups.

Lixar also excels at building industry-grade IoT ecosystems, having deployed more than ten thousand IoT devices to date. From pipelines that ingest real-time sensor data through scalable storage to targeted, results-driven analysis, we’re experts in all things IoT.

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