Data IOT Strategy for Purpose

Lixar I.T. Tech

Ingesting Data without a clear purpose is like drinking water from a Fire Hose.

Data is the cornerstone of success, as it will continue to be in the future.

The sheer amount of data we’re creating is almost unfathomable to the human mind and we’re well on our way to creating 463 exabytes of data daily by 2025 – roughly eight million times the amount of information contained in all the books ever written. Every day. 

You can see how it could be easy to lose sight of why you are collecting the volumes of data in the first place.  And while the quantity is undeniably there, it’s more important than ever to focus on the purpose of the data as it relates to long term strategic goals. 

  • What answers are you seeking? 
  • What are your pain points? 
  • What is the purpose? 

Organizations that leverage IoT devices can relate. When you have many sensors generating millions of data points per second, you want to ingest for the right reasons. If you have a specific reason in mind, with datasets that support your goal, the insights can be truly amazing. But collecting IoT data en masse without a clear long-term plan is a bit like drinking from a fire hose: it might quench your thirst, but it will likely make you, well… bloated and perhaps in a bit of pain, if it’s not used in the right way.

So what’s the best approach? How do you ensure the IoT data you collect serves your company or organization?

A few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Ask tough questions and bring in experts to guide the discovery process if you are unclear on your pain points or the purpose of the data ingestion. (ex. are you interested in accuracy, efficiency, or productivity?).
  • Determine where you will ingest the data from up front. (Multiple ingestion points from multiple data pipeline sources is never a bad thing). 
  • Work with partners of trust. This is an interconnected ecosystem and you want to make sure that your data is protected at each step of the way.
  • Provide a real-time dashboard to show insights and relevant findings .

Companies connected to the right things for the right reasons will see insights emerge.

Once connected IoT systems are set up, companies like Lixar can help guide the process through data transformation. The outcome: purposeful results.

To expedite that process, we at Lixar use a method called “Hero Path: Data Lake Accelerator”. It’s a set of services that can be set up with a quick turnaround that leverages the scalable and elastic power of a data lake to deliver powerful results.

Some advantages that come with this solution:

  • Extract from on-premise or multiple clouds like Microsoft, AWS, Google. 
  • Converts from the Data Lake at scale to Data Bricks as needed.
  • Applies AI to only what you need to test, validate and enhance. 
  • Showcases and shares through interactive Data Viz.

These best practices of IoT data ingestion combined with a solution like Hero Path can ensure the vast amount of information collected by IoT devices is streamlined, segmented, and put to best use. This method provides a way to find the quality in the quantity, and maximize your chances for a successful data or AI project.

As we collectively generate more and more data, it’s important to remain focused on purpose. 

The outcome? Better, more usable data results that reflect clear insight. Solutions that serve your company and offer data traceability. And a reliable, scalable path to artificial intelligence.