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Driving Automotive Acceleration

With Data Insight and Action

The Challenge: Finding Value in Your Data

Worldwide, the auto industry is currently seeing a growing network of data funnels; from mobile phones to sensors and connected vehicles, information is more available now than ever before. As this wealth of data continues to mount, stakeholders need to ask themselves, not only “what can I do with this data?”, but “what can this data do for me?

The answer is “a lot.” In a world driven by advanced technology, information is power. It’s about hindsight, insight and foresight. The first step to finding value in your data is deciding what you want out of it. You may be looking to become AI-ready to enhance the driving experience for your clients; leveraging your data can get you there. You may be looking to track warranty and quality metrics to implement reliable predictive maintenance; understanding your data can get you there, too.

But with so much potential, and so much data to parse through, where do you even begin?

The Solution: Data Discovery, R&D Innovation, and Roadmap Acceleration

Lixar’s approach to data-driven auto innovation can help you at any stage:

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Research and Development (R&D Innovation)
  3. Roadmap Acceleration

Data Discovery

Data Discovery is about realization and transformation. Perhaps you have been collecting data with no clear plan for it. Data has been funneling in to multiple locations from multiple sources – it’s a common scenario. Now, you’re wondering what value the data has, which can be somewhat overwhelming.

At this stage, it’s important to identify your business drivers, take inventory of the data you already have, and understand how they may align. Through a series of discovery meetings, Lixar can help you understand the potential that lies in your data, help you create a valuable plan for it, and move forward with a successful roadmap.

R&D Innovation

If, on the other hand, you have already taken inventory and you have a great idea about how to use your data, but you aren’t quite sure of its viability, you are in the R&D stage. In this case, what you’re after is validation.

Lixar’s research and development experts can provide the resources and the technical know-how required to ensure that your plan can and will be successful. Our R&D Innovation experts can help you realize your vision, from the proof-of-concept, straight through to the ready-for-market results.

Roadmap Acceleration

Now, say you have taken inventory of your data and you have a viable roadmap in mind, but you aren’t sure how to go about execution. Lixar can provide that, too.  A strong roadmap requires skilled acceleration, and our experienced team can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time. After all, innovation is all about moving forward.

Use Case: Roadmap Acceleration

Lixar has had the honour of working with multiple clients, helping them achieve data-driven auto innovation through discovery, R&D and acceleration.

One client, a Tier-1 auto supplier, came to Lixar looking for a way to make real-time troubleshooting and upgrades possible. Their next-gen car head-units had zero analytics, and they had little to no visibility into unit faults or user preferences. Consequently, they had no way to offer their clients real-time diagnostics or the personalized driving experiences that were becoming industry-norm. They knew that to stay competitive in the market, they would have to become data-driven. To this end, the auto supplier had begun creating a roadmap, but needed help accelerating it.

Working in close collaboration with the auto supplier, our experts assessed the situation and the goals. We laid out a two-phased plan that would meet all of their criteria, and more.

During the Architecture & Design phase, we built three separate data analytics pipelines which feed into a cloud-based platform:

  • One for custom data visualization of all head unit IoT data
  • One to enable both connected and USB-only head units to feed crash logs and other data into the IoT ecosystem
  • One to pipe data to the cloud and map it.

The result was a system that would not only ingest data, but yield telemetric data, near real-time insights, and historical searching.

During the Data & Analytics phase, we used the new data pipelines from phase 1 to aggregate real-world data and reported interesting findings. We also developed visualizations for different perspectives and audiences, allowing users to view their data from multiple angles and make data-driven decisions that would serve them best.

Ultimately, the transformation resulted in millions of dollars worth of savings per year. Being data-driven allowed them to be more competitive in their market, and to stay ahead of innovation within the auto industry. Roadmap Acceleration was key to their success story, and it’s on we are proud to have taken part in.

Lixar will be at TU-Automotive Detroit from June 4th-June 6th. If you want to have a conversation, please don’t hesitate to reach out at the email below. We’re also hosting Telematics and Tonics in conjunction with BlackBerry QNX, an exciting event where attendees can talk Data and AI with the experts.

To learn how Lixar can help you with Data Discovery, R&D and Roadmap Acceleration, drop us a line at or visit our data page at