Every Industry needs a Data Backbone

Every Industry needs a Data Backbone Jan 17 AM Workshop

Lixar I.T. Tech

As a data-first company, Lixar has extensive experience in designing and implementing end-to-end data solutions. Data is essentially a treasure trove of potential, and while business drivers may differ from client to client (gain knowledge, increase revenue, make stronger predictions, etc), the means of getting there is the same: take in the data, make it usable, and present it in an accessible way. Striving to give our clients the most effective and flexible solutions to meet all of their needs, Lixar uses the best tools and best practices to deliver quality data services. We understand that every industry needs a data backbone for future innovation. We call this structure and flow the Hero Path.

What Is It?

The Hero Path is a set of Microsoft Azure technologies, hosted in the Azure cloud, that can be used together to provide a scalable data solution, optimized from ingestion all the way through to insight.

  1. Data Factory: Ingests and extracts all types of raw data from various data sources
  2. Databricks: Performs calculations and transformations to curate the raw data
  3. Data Lake: Houses curated data
  4. Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Server): Exposes curated data in a clean, easy-to-read format
  5. Power BI: Presents the results on a data visualization dashboard

Why Does it Matter?

The value in data is not in simply collecting it, it’s in understanding it. When data analysis is simplified using the right tools, it can tell you at a glance where you’ve been, where you are, and help you make decisions about how to get to where you want to be. These meaningful insights start with a strong data foundation, which is exactly what The Hero Path ensures.

Key Features and Benefits of the Hero Path

  • Strong data management: An efficient and secure system for ingesting, storing, processing and scaling data
  • Interactive Data Visualization: An output of accessible reports that allow you to learn more about your data
  • Scalability: A flexible system designed for growth that allows you to solve current challenges while ensuring that future outcomes are still achievable
  • AI-Readiness: A system that simplifies many tasks that are essential to leveraging advanced technologies such as AI

Use Cases | Hero Path Applied

Lixar has applied the Hero Path to several projects over the years, with very successful results. Below are a few of our recent use cases.

Predictive Tool for Transport Canada

Lixar was selected by the federal government to develop a solution that would help assess and forecast where follow-up security measures may be required. Predictions had to be based on information submitted through email, which meant that data had to be ingested easily and securely, which was accomplished using Data Factory. This data then had to be parsed through NLP before being stored and analyzed using an AI model, which then makes a security assessment, to be displayed on a Power BI dashboard. Thanks to the efficiency of the Hero Path, all of this takes place within fractions of a second, and decisions are now made based on objective data. Moreover, since Hero Path solutions are designed for growth, there is the future potential to move it into a post-AI state, which would require zero hours of manual hours to clean data, making the system even more efficient.

Real-Time Data for the Oil & Gas Industry

Lixar is currently working with a client in the oil & gas industry to move their current implementation into the Azure cloud. By modernizing their data platform, we will be able to develop a Hero Path solution that will move them towards real-time event processing and analytics that their engineers can use to quickly make better, data-driven decisions about everything from where and when to drill, to which tools and techniques to use when approaching certain materials. Better decision-making means safer, more efficient work environments; but to get there, we first need to set up the infrastructure for strong data ingestion and processing. Once the Hero Path has been implemented, we will be able to incorporate ML, for an even higher level of automated calculating.

Automation for Analysts

Lixar has been working with a company that is looking to provide their analysts with a more modern and reliable Business Intelligence platform. Their current system is an on-premises solution that is slow, inefficient and frustrating, without any of the benefits that come with being in the cloud. To help these analysts do their jobs, they need a solution that is data-driven, scalable, secure and, of course, automated. The Hero Path meets all of their criteria. This optimal set of technologies will allow them to be more efficient, no longer relying on a subpar and problematic system. Rather than spending hours building large, convoluted reports, our solution will automatically display data on the interactive visualization dashboard, so that analysts can focus on what matters. The Hero Path will also position the company to move towards even more intelligent tools in the future, such as the predictive power of ML/AI.

Success Starts Here

When it comes to finding the value in your data, success begins with having the right tools. The deep insights you need to reach your business goals are already in the data, but uncovering them is the challenge. Don’t get roadblocked by old, complex, costly infrastructure; step onto the Hero Path and let it guide you towards an exciting, successful future. Whether you’re looking to start small with a better understanding of your data today, or looking for ways to grow and expand into the future, Lixar’s data solutions can help you get there.

If you are interested in developing your data hero path or you would like to attend our Calgary workshop to learn more about AI and Data, please visit: https://driven-by-data.lixar.com/lixar-calgary


For details about Lixar’s data practice, contact us at  data@lixar.com.